19 Best YouTube Science Channels For Kids That Make Science Come Alive

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Looking for the best youtube science channels for kids?

If your children are visual or hands-on learners then using educational videos to learn how science works often helps them to retain what they learn the best. These YouTube channels offer a huge range of videos for hands-on and visual learning for kids.

Children from the time they are very young are natural-born scientists.

Any mom can tell you that their kids were always into everything when they were little.

As kids grow older they start asking endless questions about “why” this or that happens.

19 Best YouTube Science Channels For Kids text overlaid on a photo of a green foam slime experiment.

Why is the sky blue? Why do animals hibernate? Why does it snow?

While many books can teach your child the answers to their questions there are also many amazing YouTube channels that teach kids about science.

These range from hands-on science experiments kids can do at home, to awesome but dangerous experiments they should not be doing. But thankfully skilled people have done them for them to watch and learn from safely.

I’ve rounded up the best science channels that my kids love to watch and learn from over and over again.

Do remember that what works for one family might not work for another so always preview videos or channels before giving them to your younger children to watch.

Best YouTube Science Channels For Kids

1. Mark Rober

Mark is a former NASA engineer who you can easily tell loves science. 

He comes up with some crazy science experiments that my kids love to watch. They are great for taking a complex idea and breaking it down into crazy hands-on lessons that kids will actually remember.

2. Backyard Scientist

Here you’ll find tons of fun science videos for kids. These crazy videos teach you a wide range of science topics including things like do wet rocks actually explode to how to make a supersonic rubber band whip.

3. Ants Canada

If your kids are interested in learning about ants or maybe starting a colony of their own Ant’s Canada is the channel to check out!

This has been one of my sons favorite YouTube channels for years. It teaches everything you need to know to keep pet ants of all kinds from weaver ants to little black ants.

If keeping ants indoors isn’t your thing you can still use many of the videos as a cool nature study resource.

4. Smarter Everyday

Another fun science channel that covers a wide range of topics. If you ever wondered why does this happen you have a good chance of finding the answer there.

From videos on how rockets are made, to where NASA stores moon rocks, to how grain bins work you will find awesome videos showing you the why behind each topic.

5. Answers in Genesis

If you are looking for Christian based science videos Answers in Genesis is a channel you’ll want to check out.

Packed with videos for kids and adults on topics from dinosaurs to the sun.

6. Slick Science

Science teacher Steve Spangle has shared tons of experiments kids can do at home to learn physics and chemistry.

7. SciShow

SciShow covers a wide range of science topics but has a heavy focus on biology-related questions.

They use short interesting videos to help kids learn things like why does cold weather kill your phone to extreme ways trees survive in the winter.

8. Brasspup

Brasspup features tons of cool scientific optical illusions from making duct tape glow to tricks that seem to defy gravity.

9. Minute Earth

Minute Earth answers the never-ending questions kids have. Things like why earthquakes are so hard to predict and why do some animals eat poop.

Using short attention-grabbing videos (5 minutes or less) kids quickly learn the answers to the most common and even odd questions.

10. Minute Physics

The sister site to Minute Earth this channel is packed with a huge selection of science videos with a strong focus on space and gravity.

You’ll find videos such as:

  • Why it’s hard to land on Mars?
  • Will batteries power the world?
  • Why do mirrors flip left and right but not up and down?

12. Periodic Table of Videos

This cool science channel focuses on teaching kids about the elements of the periodic table. But it’s defiantly not dry and boring.

Many of the videos focus on how things burn based on the elements it was made up of. With many fires and explosions, these are great videos to get kids interested in chemistry.

13. Operation Ouch

Operation Ouch was started by identical twins who are also both doctors. Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand van Tulleken teach kids all about biology and medicine to help hospitals not be such a scary place.

You’ll find videos on many topics including how strong are your bones to why do we burp.

14. Homeschool Pop

Homeschool Pop was created by a homeschooling dad and is packed with tons of educational videos for science and nature, but also history and language arts too.

You’ll find fun videos teaching kids about everything from the sun to rocks.

15. Jared Owen

3D animations are so cool to look at and Jared uses them to explain how things work. You’ll find lots of videos that explore this like door handles, oscillating fans, escalators, and the lunar module.

16. It’s Ok To Be Smart

This channel sponsored by PBS covers many science topics to answer questions kids often ask like:

  • How do bees make honey?
  • Why do we itch?
  • How does an igloo keep you warm?

17. Veritasium

This channel is packed with cool videos! You’ll find everything from experiments, demos to interviews.

Including some cool things like:

  • How microwaving grapes makes plasma
  • Can you swim in shade balls?
  • Why boredom is good for you

18. Cornell Lab of Ornithology

If your kids love birds, or if you are looking for some beautiful bird videos to do nature study indoors then you’ll love this collection of videos.

19. National Geographic

The National Geographic channel is loaded with cool science videos.

Here you’ll find many shorter clips that are perfect for answering a quick question. But also many full-length videos that take a deep dive into topics.

Your kids can learn so much about science watching these fun videos that really bring the topics alive for them. From biology to chemistry, to physics you’ll have lots of learning ideas to enrich your lessons.

Do you have a favorite science-based YouTube channel? Share it in the comments below!

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