Victoria Day Nature Walk & Storms

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Last Monday after planting our potatoes we met our good friends for a nature walk at a local park. We had a great time, except early afternoon when it’s 31C + humidity isn’t the best time for a hike!

Especially after spending hours out in the garden. We had planned to plant the potatoes later in the evening, but they were calling for storms so we wanted to get them in before the garden was to wet. Oh well despite the heat and bugs it was still fun. Now we have the woodstoves running.  What a spring!

White Trillium Flower

 The trillium’s were in full bloom!

Swampy Area

 Swampy areas meant a lot of black flies!

Purple Trillium Flower

 Purple/Pink trilliums!

Tree Roots

Late in the evening we had some bad storms roll in.  The worst just skimmed us but we had very strong winds and rain for a while.  The garden has sure loved all this rain!

Storm Clouds

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