How To Use Lesson Plans In Homeschool Planet

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Sometimes planning your homeschool lessons can feel so hard and overwhelming, doesn’t it? As a 10-year homeschooling mom, I’ve tried many methods of planning homeschool lessons over the years. One of my favourite tools to plan and keep track of our year is Homeschool Planet.

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own.

I first found this amazing planner last year and I’ve been using it ever since! I love how easy it is to add classes and lessons to each of my children’s calendars.

It lets me easily keep track of all my lesson resources whether they are books, PDF files or websites that we subscribe to.

Oh, and it integrates with my Google calendar so I can easily see what my appointments and blogging schedule look like. This helps me plan lessons around busy times in our lives.

There is so much that I love about Homeschool Planet and you can read my full review to find out more.

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Lesson Plan Marketplace

Today what I really want to share with you is their amazing new Lesson Plan Marketplace!

When you’re planning your curriculum lesson plans have you ever wished that someone could just write out your daily plans for you? Well, now you can buy premade lesson plans for Homeschool Planet.

But if you’re like me there are times when you want to make your own lesson plan and save them to reuse with your younger children. You can do that with Homeschool Planet too!

When you buy a lesson plan or create your own they are stored in your Lesson Plan Library and you can add them to your calendar anytime you want.

Do You Like To Create Lesson Plans?

Although the lesson plan marketplace has just recently opened there are many plans available. If you are a passionate homeschool mom who would like to create lessons plans Homeschool Planet is looking for people skilled with their favourite curriculum to help create lesson plans.

How To Use A Lesson Plan

One of the lessons plans I’m using this year is for IEW Poetry Memorization Level One course. This is just how easy it is to set up.

After you’ve bought the lesson plan you need it’s stored in your lesson plan library called My Lesson Plans inside of Homeschool Planet. In this area, you can choose to create your own lesson plan or schedule a lesson plan that you’ve bought.

IEW poetry lesson plan preview in Homeschool Planet

Don’t worry if you can’t remember what that lesson plan was for you can click on more info and up pops a window that tells you all the details.

To start scheduling your lesson plan click on apply this lesson plan. The popup will ask you if you want to create a new class or apply it to an existing class.

Homeschool Planet Lesson Plans Create A Class

For this example, I selected to create a new class.  Next, you’re asked what assignments you want to include.

Homeschool Planet Lesson Plans Class Subject

Then you select what subject this class is for. If the subject isn’t already listed you can also create a new one here.

Homeschool Plant Lesson Plans Class assignment

Next, you can select which of your children you want to use this class. Since I’m using a multi-level program for poetry from IEW I selected all of my children.

Homeschool Planet Lesson Plan Schedule

Your next option is to select if you want to start this class on the next school year or chose your start and end date.

You can also select what days of the week you want to work on this class and what time of day.

I don’t schedule my day by time blocks so I chose no particular time.

Homeschool Planet Lesson Plans Create Class window

After this Homeschool Planet starts to add your new lessons to your planner.

Homeschool Planet Lesson Plan Calendar

Using your lesson plans is so easy! Many of the lesson plans have links to audios and worksheets and these can be accessed very easily from your planner.  In our IEW poetry course, all I need to do is click on Listen under the poem title and the audio recording starts.

IEW Lesson Plan Poetry

If I click on read up pops the PDF page with the poem and a colouring picture. This can easily be printed off if you desire to.

Many homeschool curriculum publishers have been busy creating lesson plans for Homeschool Planet and they are so easy to use!

One thing I just love is that if a publisher makes a change in their curriculum lesson plan it is automatically updated in my copy too. Many publishers have added extra go along material to their lesson plans to help your children have fun learning and practice new skills.

There are many homeschool curriculum publishers in the Lesson Plan Marketplace already including Brave Writer Lifestyle, IEW, Math Mammoth, The Mystery of History, Life of Fred and North Star Geography are just a few of my favorites that I’m looking forward to using.

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