Thinking about our School Year

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Last week when we went shopping the library was having their annual book sale, it’s by donation. I stopped to look and picked out a nice box of children’s books! Some of them are for the Before Five in A Row and Five In A Row program we use. I was so excited about that! I also found some nice history storybooks.

We happened to be back in town a few days later and they were still having the sale. So I just had to peek again. I found another book to go with the B4FIAR and some nice children’s farming books! I’m planning to do a farming unit this fall with the kids.

The International Plowing Match will be in our area and we are planning an all-day field trip there. Dh is really looking forward to that too. I also picked up some wonderful animal videos for the kids and some documentaries for us. Dh also picked out an encyclopedia set on natural history.

I’m hoping to get to a homeschool book store this weekend. My shopping list has been gone over and over. I’m still tweaking it. So far I’m thinking of getting this:

  • Christian Liberty Nature Readers 1 & 2
  • Bob Books #1
  • Leading Little ones to God
  • Canadian Colouring book
  • FIAR Christian supplement
  • Before FIAR
  • Canada My Country
  • Ecoutez! Parlez! (beginner French)

Our plans this year are:

2 year old.

I’m going to use B4FIAR with her at a slow pace.  Should be fun!

4 year old PreK

  • Teach Your Child to Read 100 Easy Lessons
  • Bob Books
  • B4FIAR
  • FIAR
  • Leading Little Ones To God

6 year old, grade 1

  • FIAR
  • Math U See Beta
  • SOTW 1 (we started this last year and put it on hold for a bit)
  • God’s Design for Science, The plant kingdom and the human body
  • Leading Little Ones To God
  • Canada My Country
  • Nature Study
  • Copy Work
  • CL Nature Readers

DD6 and 4 will also be starting on some handcrafts, keep working on crochet and maybe simple sewing.

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