Teaching Music To Young Children With KinderBach ~ Review

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Our children love music, in fact, our home is not often quiet.  It seems like there is always someone singing, dancing or playing music.


Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own.

Because of this I’m always on the look out for fun ways to bring music into their lives. I was so excited when I had the opportunity to review KinderBach Online Piano Lessons again! I have used this program in the past with our older children and they had loved it. KinderBach is a super fun way to learn music.

What is KinderBach?

Online Piano Lessons For Kids

I received a 6-month subscription to KinderBach’s Online Piano Lessons program with Teachers Corner.

This program is intended for children ages 3 to 7 years old. Included in this program are music lessons Levels 1 to 6 with access to all of the web lessons.

60 weeks of music lessons and this is over 240 sessions! Membership also includes all the needed downloadable work pages, coloring pages, songbooks, story books, mp3 downloads and more.

Piano Lessons For Young Children

KinderBach is a fun, interactive music lesson program for young children.  Although it’s intended for children aged 3 to 7, older children who haven’t had music lesson may enjoy it as well.  I know my older children loved it when they used it last time!

KinderBach lessons are short and move slowly, a great pace for young children. The videos use cute cartoon characters to introduce music topics to children. Some times they need to play the keyboard or rhythm instrument along with  Karrie in the video or complete the worksheets to answer questions.

Teach Kids How To Play Piano

KinderBach gently teaches children to:

  • identify music direction
  • play simple songs
  • keep the proper hand and finger positions
  • read staff notes for voice and the keyboard
  • how to master new rhythm notes and beats

What You Will Need

  • A keyboard or piano with at least 3 to 4 octaves. This is a 36 to 48 key, keyboard.
  • A fast internet connection for viewing the videos.
  • A computer or tablet to view videos.
  • Basic art supplies, crayons, scissors, etc.
  • Simple rhythm instruments.

How To Get KinderBach

Kinderbach Online Piano Lessons

KinderBach’s Online Lessons are normally priced at $130 per year, however right now they are on sale for $95.88 per year.  That’s only $7.99 per month for a years lessons!  You can use this with as many children in your home as you like.  Not sure if it’s right for you?  KinderBach offers the first 2 weeks as a free trial!

How We Used KinderBach

Our children just loved using this program. The video lessons are short often 3 to 7 minutes each.

I had originally planned to do one lesson per day with our ds 5 years old and dd 6 years old, however, most days they wanted to do more! These music lessons are always a fun part of our day and often then want to watch the video lessons over and over again.

When it was time for their music lessons I would ask them to gather up the rhythm instruments and craft supplies. This would give me some time to log into KinderBach and find the next lesson.

Under each lesson is a printer icon if you need to print any worksheets for this lesson.  These are also available in the Teachers Corner and I normally would print a week’s worth of lessons at a time.

Then I put them into binders for the kids to use.  They loved having their own music notebooks! Once the supplies were gathered, it is as simple as clicking play on the videos and letting the kids follow along. How much simpler could music lessons be for pre K and early elementary?

Early in the lessons, children will need a simple rhythm instrument to play along with the beats. This can be anything from a tambourine, maracas or a bowl and spoon. My little ones had fun raiding my cupboards for “instruments”.

We also made shakers out of toilet paper rolls and rice and beans. We normally watched the lessons on the laptop set up near their keyboard, but they also played very well on our little Android tablet.

This would be great for portability!  I can see the kids requesting to practice on the deck when the nice weather comes.  Hmm maybe!

I would recommend this as a gentle and fun way to introduce music to young children.


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