Teaching Children Logic With La La Logic ~ Review

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We love these fun logic games for kids! Perfect memory and thinking games to help children learn how to use logical thinking skills.

Logic Puzzles For Kids. Do you want to help your children build logic thinking skills? Kids will love playing these logic puzzles!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own.

Our children just love playing computer games and as long as they are educational in some way I encourage their use.

So I was really glad to have the opportunity to review the Preschool Curriculum from La La Logic. Although called a preschool curriculum it is targeted for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. I thought it would be fun to try it out with our ds age 6 and dd age 7.

Building Logic Skills For Kids

La La Logic is an online multi-sensory curriculum.  It has a total of 100 weeks of work if used 4 to 5 days a week.  It offers many online games as well as activities do do with your child and worksheets to print.

One feature that I found is that you can have up to 5 children on 1 account and your subscription does not run out!  You have access to your account for life I love this because I know my younger children will love to play on this over and over again.

System Requirements And Supplies

La La Logic is an online program.  It’s online brain challenge activities work on PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablets.  We also had no problems using it on our Linux computers. You will also need access to a printer if you would like to use the activity worksheets.  For supplies we have found only basic things are needed that your likely to have on hand.  Children’s scissors, glue, crayons etc.

When you log into your account your taken to your family dashboard.  The dashboard shows your students accounts and also shows how many lessons they have finished.  This makes it so easy to remember where you left off.

The dashboard has 3 options under each student’s name.  La La Curriculum, Extra Practice and Continuous Brain Challenge Mode.

Online Logic Puzzles For Kids
Sample screens of La La Logic activities.

Fun Logic Puzzles For Kids

The first option La La Logic Curriculum is the main part of the program.  When you select this it opens to a new screen where the lessons are divided into sets.  Each lesson set is 5 weeks worth of lessons.

When you select the week you’re working on you’re taken to that weeks work.  Here you can download a lesson plan schedule for the week and the activities and worksheets.

This is also the screen with the start button to launch the online game.  On the right side of the screen there is a box to enter notes and a check box to fill in when your child has completed the weeks work.

On the main dashboard the Extra Practice link takes you to a page where the student can practice skills.  Since each week builds on the previous lesson some children might need extra practice before ready to move on.

The Continuous Brain Challenge Mode is one of my children’s favourite options!  In this it starts with the online activities from the beginning and continually moves through them getting harder as it goes.  In total there are 500 challenge activities.

Logic Puzzle Worksheets For Kids
La La Logic worksheet samples.

How We Have Used La La Logic

La La Logic is intended to be used at the pace of one lesson per week and I think for younger children this is perfect!  Since the youngest child I have using this program is 6 and on the upper range of La La Logic’s intended age range we’ve been moving a little faster.

Each week I login and download the lesson plans for 2 weeks.  The the downloads aren’t very big and there are only a few pages to print each week.  I love this, it’s simple, fun and not to much busy work.  The forms also include a place for your notes and I use this instead of the online notes box.

Letter Sorting Logic Game For Kids
Sorting letter practice.

One the first day I have my 2 children work on the online activity.  Then if they want they can do the worksheet, if not I save it for the next day.  Normally the second day we do all the offline activities together.  Then the 3rd day we start with the next weeks plan.  This is in addition to using the Brain Challenge Mode in their free time if they like.

Fun Logic Puzzles For Kids

Our kids really enjoy using La La Logic and are always happy to do their work with it! If your looking for a fun logic program to use with younger children I think that La La Logic is a wonderful resource.

La La Logic subscription is a one time payment of $29 per family. You can have up to 5 children on your account. If you would like to try it out they are offering a 1 month free trial!


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