Study The Birth Of Jesus As A Family With The Birth Of Jesus: Multi Level Program ~ Review

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We love how easy to use this Bible study for kids is! The birth of Jesus Bible study curriculum is perfect for using at Christmas or any time of year to teach your children the story of Jesus birth.

Hands On Bible Study. The Birth Of Jesus Bible Study. A really fun bible study for the whole family!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own.

The Birth Of Jesus Bible Study For Kids

Bible study is a very important part of our day. Over the years I’ve used many different bible study programs, but I’ve struggled to find the perfect fit for our family. So I’m so glad that I’ve had the chance to try out Grapevine Studies curriculum The Birth of Jesus: Multi Level and Traceable! This is a true multi aged program.

 The Birth of Jesus Student Manual

The Birth of Jesus: Multi Level program teaches the life of Jesus.  It starts with the genealogy of Jesus and the Angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary and continues to the death of King Harold and Jesus return to Israel.

This study is a real multi level program.  Younger children who are not yet ready for written answers and memory work can use the tracer pages.  These pages have the same drawings (mostly) as the teacher’s manual but in light grey.  They are just perfect for younger children to trace as they follow along with the story.

The work sheets for older children have blank boxes for them to draw the story as they follow along.  I live that Grapevine uses simple stick figures to illustrate the lessons.  Anyone can draw these without worrying about perfection, and they are cute!

Older children also have memory work and Bible words to look up in a dictionary, versus in the Bible and map work to do.

Levels Chart

What’s In The Birth Of Jesus Bible Study

I received a eBook copy of The Birth of Jesus Multi Level student workbook and teachers guide and Tracer pages. The multi level book is intended for children ages 7+ and the tracer book is perfect for children age 3 to 6.

The lessons are broken up into 5 units.

  • Timeline
  • The Announcement
  • The Birth of Jesus
  • The Proclamation
  • The Wise Men & Herod

The teacher’s guide contained step by step directions on how to teach each lesson.  The important information and goals for each lesson are broken down into bullet point list so you can see the overview quickly.  The teacher guide also includes stick figure drawing examples, maps and review questions & answers.

Fun Bible Study About Jesus For Kids

Birth of Jesus Timeline Bible Study

The Birth of Jesus contained 5 lessons.  These can be used as a 1 lesson per week study or broken into smaller parts.   Since some of my younger children have short attention spans I decided to break up the lessons into smaller parts.  This has worked great for us!   I love that with this program there is no pressure to move quickly.  Just take your pace and have fun!

Instead of printing out the teachers guide I loaded it on to my tablet.  This has worked so well for me.  I love being able to take our lessons with us around the house.

Birth Of Jesus Kids Bible Study

For the children’s worksheets I print these at the beginning of the week so I have them ready when we need them.

To work on the lessons you are suppose to draw your own stick figures on a white board for the kids to copy.  Unfortunately little ones keep leaving the caps off my dry erase markers.  Rather than give up on a lesson I found whiteboard apps for my laptop and tablet.  This worked out very well for us!

Loving This Easy To Use Bible Study

Grapevine Bible Studies

I’m so glad that we have had the opportunity to try out The Birth of Jesus from Grapevine!  The style of program is a great fit for our family.  I love that it is a simple and visual program.  It’s easy to teach and the kids LOVE it!  Our children are very visual and I think that drawing the stories have really helped them remember it better.

I would recommend Grapevine Bible studies to anyone looking for a fun, easy to teach program that fits the whole family!

Birth of Jesus 400x400

Our family also loved using the Resurrection Bible study from Grapevine Studies.


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