Get Ready For Spring With Garden Planners, Natural Cleaning Organizer & Nature Studies

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With spring finally being here ( I’m ignoring the snow that’s falling outside my window right now) I think you will enjoy this selection of goodies!  If your looking to get your spring cleaning organized, planning your garden or doing a spring nature study check out the fun resources here.

3 Great resources for gardening, naturally cleaning and nature study!

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Keeping the Garden Planner

Keeping The Garden

For the garden-lover or wannabe … You’ll be inspired by over 100 pages of articles on organizing your garden, saving seeds, growing herbs, keeping pests at bay, recipes for your own produce, and so much more! Snatch this up today!

This e-book is packed full of helpful information to get your garden started this spring!  From designing your garden beds, making your own seed pots, and companion planting you’ll be off to a great start.  That’s not the end,  it also teaches you how to save your garden seeds and includes some recipes to use that wonderful produce your growing.

Natural Cleaning Planner

Naturally Clean and Organized Planner

This amazing planner is filled with cleaning schedules, weekly & monthly checklists and natural cleaning recipes. You are sure to have your home in order in no time at all! Order your Naturally Clean Planner today!

In this downloadable, 31-page Naturally Clean Planner you will find:

  • Binder cover page and spine
  • Monthly to-do lists
  • Daily schedule, filled and blank
  • Weekly schedule, filled and blank
  • Deep-cleaning checklist
  • 3-month cleaning schedule
  • Seasonal plan
  • Natural cleaning recipes
  • Printable labels for your homemade cleaning products

I really don’t like to use chemical cleaners.  I’m always worried about the health effects they could have on my children and pets.  So I love this naturally cleaning planner!  It has some great recipes for making your own cleaners.  It also includes some great printable schedule pages to get your cleaning routine on the right track.

Butterfly Unit Study

Science on the Wings of a Butterfly

Is it a moth or a butterfly? How can you tell the difference? Entomologist, lepidoptera, metamorphosis—what do these words have to do with butterflies? Discover God’s design of these creatures!

This WeE-book™ is filled with beautiful pictures and provides helpful information and resources to study butterflies . . .

  • Similarities between moths and butterflies: Do moths and butterflies have scales on their wings? What insect group do they belong to? Where do they live?
  • Differences between moths and butterflies: When do they fly? How do they hold their wings while at rest? Which one emerges from a chrysalis?
  • Life cycle of a butterfly: What is metamorphosis? See beautiful pictures of a Monarch caterpillar spinning its chrysalis and a Monarch butterfly emerging from its chrysalis!
  • Butterfly protection: Do butterflies use poison as protection? What about camouflage?
  • Butterfly migration: Do all butterflies migrate? Where do they go?
  • Butterfly-friendly area: What can you do to attract butterflies to your backyard? What plants attract butterflies? Do butterflies need puddles?

Spring and summer is the perfect time for nature studies!  Every year our children have fun scouting the yard for caterpillars.  Then we identify what type of caterpillar they are, build a great environment to raise them in and watch them turn into moths or butterflies.   This unit study looks like it will be a lot of fun to use this summer when we start looking for caterpillars!

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