Simplify Your Homeschool Lessons With Notebooking ( Review)

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Do your children dislike workbooks?  Yes, mine do too!  When I first started homeschooling my children had a strong dislike for homeschool workbooks.  They found them so dry and boring I knew there just had to be a better way.  Luckily for me, I was drawn to the Charlotte Mason style of learning.  This method draws largely on living books and notebooking.

I love using notebooking to simplify our homeschool lessons! My favourite place to find great pages is it just makes notebooking so simple.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own.

You can do notebooking with just plain lined paper and we did use just that for a while but my children really wanted something more fun to use. That’s when I discovered and I’ve loved using their Lifetime Membership for years now. My friends with the Review Crew received a Lifetime Membership to so I thought this would also be a great time to share with you what I also love about it.

What Is Notebooking?

You might be wondering just what is notebooking?  I like to think of notebooking as being a little like scrapbooking combined with a journal.   When you make a scrapbook you include interesting photos and notes to help you remember all the fun you had. 

Journaling lets you dive deeper into telling a story then there is room on a worksheet to allow.

Using notebooking in your homeschool will help show you what your child has learned in their lessons.  As your child works on their notebook page you can really see what parts of the material they have made a true connection with. 

Your child chooses what are the most important facts to remember about their lesson.  They can add photos, drawings, and longer written narrations about what they have learned. contains a huge selection of high-quality notebooking pages to choose from.

There are many topics covered but they are basically categorized as:

  • Bible/Character
  • Famous People
  • Fine Arts
  • Geography
  • History
  • Holidays
  • Language Arts
  • Science/Nature

There is also a large section labeled “Any Study”.  These pages offer a wide range of layouts, borders, and clipart styles that are unlabeled and can be used for just that any study.

How Our Family Uses

We use pages from in our homeschool every week.  My children just love the freedom that using a notebook page instead of a worksheet gives them.  They can be as artistic and detailed as they like!

Since I’ve had my Lifetime Membership for a long time I’ve gotten into the practice of printing off many generic notebook pages from the “Any Study” area. I love to have a good handful of pages on hand for my kids to use anytime they want to write or draw. I often have them use these pages for their literature narrations.

Each of the notebooking packages contains a table of contents with a small thumbnail image of all the pages available in that package.  I keep this on my computer and let my kids look through it to find just the right page if they want something more specific. 

You could also print these out and keep them in a binder for your children to look through.  This makes it really easy to find the page you’re looking for!

bird notebook page

One of the projects we are working on this summer is a bird study. We are mainly going to focus on the birds that live in Ontario. has some amazing bird notebook pages! We’ve been using the Birds of North America pages to record what my children are learning about.

For our study we are using a mixture of observation in our backyard, books and some great websites all about birds. Their notebook pages help to bring all of these observations into one place.

weather notebook page

My children are also using some of the basic notebooking pages to create topical notebooks for their personal interests. One of my daughters just loves the weather. She’s been working on creating a notebook of how tornadoes work and writing about some of the large tornado outbreaks that have happened in recent years.

Bird notebook pages

While we do homeschool year round we do slow down in the summer. I like to take this time to focus on nature study and some fun units. Our summers are very short and I really want to make the most of the nice weather while we have it. In addition to our bird study, we will be putting together nature notebooks for trees, plants, and insects we can find in our yard and parks. has wonderful notebooking pages for these topics!

All of my children love using these notebook pages and not only my natural writers either.  Some of my children are dyslexic and find writing a little difficult they still love to use these pages.

I think that it is because they feel more freedom and control in what they are going to write about.  I also let them choose what pages they would like to use.  So if they would like a page with more drawing space that is just fine with me!

They can use their natural gifts in an age appropriate way to share what they have learned in our studies.

I think what I love about using notebooks in our homeschool is that it really lets me see what my children think is important in life. 

I love using as my source for notebook pages because they just make it so easy for me.  It only takes me a few minutes to find just the right pages and print them for my children.

Would you like to see some of the notebooking pages available? has a FREE sampler with over 600 pages! Click here to get your free notebooking pages.

Free Notebooking Pages

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