Multiplication Teaching and Learning Made Easy by Math Made Easy

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Math Made Easy is a math program created by Glenda James. She has developed programs for Addition and multiplication, our family was given Multiplication Teaching and Learning Made Easy to review.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own.

Math Made Easy aims to have children learn math without counting on their fingers, with mastery in 6 weeks. They also teach children that there are only 36 facts they need to memorize.

Math Made Easy Addition

I love that the book gets straight to the point. Math Made Easy starts off with a pretest, then uses a mixture of worksheets and games to teach multiplication. Our children are easily distracted by bright colors and cartoon style characters, so I loved that this program didn’t contain any of that.

Math Made Easy Multiplication

By showing the student that there are only 36 facts they need to memorize, it really takes a load off a child! We had already been working on multiplication for a while now and it made my children happy to see how much of their charts they already knew.

Math Made Easy Flashcards

Math Made Easy allows for worksheet reproduction within your family. I just love when I find programs that allow this! Having a larger family size, rebuying the same workbooks each year can really add up.

Our children have enjoyed using Math Made Easy multiplication and I can tell we will be using this program over again when our younger children are ready.

I would recommend this math program to anyone whose children enjoy worksheets and is looking for an affordable, fun, yet no-frills program.

The homeschool package of multiplication Teaching and Learning Made Easy is available on their website for $24.95.

Update:  Unfortunately this product is no longer for sale.  However, if you can find a used copy it is a great math resource!


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