Sacagawea Ebook Knowledge Quest Review

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This wonderful book takes you on the journey of Sacagawea’s life and draws you in as if you were right there.

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Knowledge Quest is one of my favourite sources for history resources. One of our family’s current history reading books is Sacagawea (Brave Explorers Every Child Should Know) by Karla Akins and published by Knowledge Quest.

This is an interactive historical novel of the Shoshone tribe girl Sacagawea, that we received the PDF version to review. The story is set in 1809 as Sacagawea is caring for her 6-year-old son Pompey. As he asks again for her to tell him the story of her time with the “Man-With-Red-Hair”, the story jumps back in time with her starting from when her and her sister were kidnapped as young teens.

They are taken far from their home near the Rocky Mountains to the plains, over a 900-mile walk. After living in this tribe for a few years as slaves, they are both married to a French man who lives with the natives.

Not long after the birth of her son, Lewis & Clark are about to start their journey through an unknown land and knew that she could guide them and she knew the land was her the way back to her homeland.

This wonderful book takes you on the journey of Sacagawea’s life and draws you in as if you were right there.

 Sacagawea Book

This book is suggested for children 10 years and older, however, we have been using it as a family read out-loud. I’ve found that my younger children have loved the story. One special feature of this book is that it is interactive. As you read people, places and items are hyper linked to internet web pages or images.

When the book mentions Lewis made scratches on papers it links to a page from his real journal. When it mentions a Native American tribe the book links to an interesting web page about that tribe. I really like this feature!

As I mentioned we have been using this as a read aloud and exploring interesting links as we come to them. But this book has so much meat to it that you could easily use it as a spine for a deeper study.

I plan to reuse this book again and turn it into a unit study on Sacagawea and Lewis and Clark. Thanks to the many links in the book this will be an easy task!

This story was originally released in 4 episodes, Stolen!, Passage, Survival and Equal, however, it is now available as one combined ebook.
Sacagawea is available on Amazon.


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