Review ~ Wizzy Gizmo’s Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything?

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As a Christian mom, I’m always on the lookout for great resources to help teach our children about God and his creation.  So I was excited to have the opportunity to review Wizzy Gizmo’s Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything?

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own.

Wizzy Gizmo Audio Story

Who Is Wizzy Gizmo?

Wizzy Gizmo is a company that produces amazing products for children. There is a series of books, Bible audio dramas and flashcards. All are Bible based!

But who really is Wizzy Gizmo?  He’s a cool inventor who creates a variety of interesting gadgets and uses them to help children explore the Bible.

 Wizzy Gizmo Logo

What is Wizzy Gizmo’s Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything?

In this audio drama, Wizzy Gizmo has created an amazing invention “Gizmovision”. It is an invention that takes any book and recreates a lifelike world inside of a bubble. This brings the story to live in that you can touch, taste, feel and see the story as if you were right there when it happened.

When the story starts you are introduced to Eli, a new child in town.  He meets some friendly neighborhood children who take him to see an inventor Wizzy Gizmo.  Wizzy Gizmo loves to create all kinds of cool things like dancing toasters!

But the children can’t wait to try out Wizzy Gizmo’s new invention Gizmovision! Their first trip takes them back to the beginning of time.

The children, Wizzy Gizmo and some silly animals watch through each day of creation in the first chapter of Genesis. Each day you hear the words of the Bible and the children use all their senses to observe what they are surrounded by.

From the darkness to light to the creation of birds, fish, animals the children can watch and explore and ask all the questions little ones often do!

At the end of the story, there is a “Giz Quiz” that a few questions are asked to the children to answer.  Then there are a number of songs to play.

Wizzy Gizmo’s Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything?  Is suggested for ages 4 to 12, but I’m sure that younger children would love it to! 

You can listen to a sample here on their website. The story is about 35 minutes long but with the songs and bonus tracks, the CD runs close to an hour long.
The CD is available for $14.99.

 Wizzy Gizmo Christian Audio Drama

Our children absolutely LOVED Wizzy Gizmo!  We listened to it with our children ages 5, 7, 8, 10 and 12.  From the moment it started they were completely captivated by it.

Throughout the story, there are also a number of songs that they enjoyed.

I’ve lost count at how many times these have been played. Our son just loved that they included the dinosaurs in the creation story!

This is left out in so many books and videos, but as a real dino kid, he loved to hear the big “boom” sound as the dinosaurs walked around.  He jumped right up and started stomping around with them.

They’ve been asking for the other audio dramas (not yet made) and books, so I’m thinking these might make some great gifts this coming year.


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