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We love using the Math Mammoth workbooks in our homeschool for extra practice. The workbooks are so easy to understand and use a mastery math approach.

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own.

Math Mammoth is one of my favourite math programs. I was so happy to have the opportunity to review the 5th-grade program since our family has been using the Blue topical series for the past few years.

Math Mammoth was created by Maria Miller a math teacher and homeschooler to help homeschool parents teach math in an easy to understand way to their children.

Math Mammoth uses worktexts instead of a teacher’s guide and student workbook.  Everything is contained together and all instructions and sample lessons are written directly to the student.

The Blue Series are topical books that cover a grade range on ONE topic of study. I bought all of the grade 1 to 3/4 Blue Series books years ago and love them very much. More importantly, my children LOVE them!

These can be used as a math supplement, remedial math, or a normal math program.  Maria includes a suggested scope and sequence if you use the Blue Series as your main math program.

5th Grade Math

The Light Blue Series are full-year programs for grades 1 to 6. We received the grade 5 level in PDF format. The grade 5 level books are divided into two parts worktext A and B and an answer key for each book.

Worktext A contains:

  • Chapter 1: The Four Operations
  • Chapter 2: large Numbers and the Calculator
  • Chapter 3: Problem Solving
  • Chapter 4: Decimals

Worktext B contains:

  • Chapter 5: Graphing and Statistics
  • Chapter 6: Fractions: Add and Subtract
  • Chapter 7: Fractions: Multiply and Divide
  • Chapter 8: Geometry

Math Mammoth is a mastery-based approach so each chapter focuses on one topic.  However many of these topics are worked on in the next grade but on a new difficulty level.

I love that the pages have clear instructions, if your children can read independently then they should be able to work on their math on their own. I’m always nearby in case someone does need some help though.

If your child picks up on new concepts quickly then the Light Blue Series should work very well for them. If like some of mine, they need extra practice the Blue Series is inexpensive and a wonderful way to get some extra practice in.

Math Mammoth Worksheet

One feature I LOVE is that the PDF files can be typed in. My oldest daughter really doesn’t like to write by hand and prefers to type. With this math program, she can easily just use the Adobe keyboarding function and type her answers in.

Math Mammoth has placement tests and a HUGE bundle of FREE samples over 350 pages you can download! Maria also has samples for each Light Blue Grade Series. To see the ones for grade 5 look in the right sidebar.

I highly recommend Math Mammoth as a great math program and one we’ve used for many years now.


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