Free Printable Winter Animal Tracks Identification & Matching Cards

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Winter is such a fun time to head outside and look for animal tracks. Of course, you can do this in the summer too, but the fresh snow makes finding animal tracks so much easier. Have fun with these printable winter animal track cards perfect for playing matching games or identifying tracks.

These free printable animal track cards are perfect for a winter nature game. With a focus on animals your likely to find around your home in the winter. Use these cards to help your children identify animal tracks or play matching games. #freeprintable #homeschool #naturestudy #unitstudy

Ideas For Using These Animal Track Identification Cards

Scavenger Hunt

Hide the footprint cards around your home and have your children explore to find them and match them up to the animal cards.

You can also hide the animal cards and use multiple track cards to make an indoor track for children to follow.

Try making up your own clues as to where you hid the animal cards and have your children follow the clues to find the hiding animals.

Animal footprint identification cards for kids free printable

Make An Animal Track Identification Guide

Print off the animal and track cards cut them out and place the matching cards back to back, you can glue them together if you like. Laminate the cards, then punch a hole in one corner. Attach all the animal cards to a keychain ring.

Now you have an easy to use animal track id set to take along with your on your nature walks.

Free printable animal track matching game for kids

Animal Tracks Memory Matching Game

Print out your animal track cards on cardstock, cut them apart and shuffle them up. Place the cards face down on the table or floor and have your child turn over 2 cards at a time. Continue turning cards over until all the animal tracks have been matched to the correct animal.

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I love these free printable animal track cards, they are perfect for helping kids to identify animals around your home in the winter. A great animal matching game for preschool to 2nd grade. #freeprintables #homeschool #preschool #naturestudy #unitstudy

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