Free Printable Spring Skip Counting By 5 Puzzles

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Spring may be slow coming this year but we are having fun with our spring unit study activities anyway!

Free Printable Skip Counting By 5 Puzzles

If you want to help your kids practice math facts in a fun way then you’ll love these free printable spring skip counting by 5 puzzles.

Learning math isn’t always easy but using fun math activities really does help kids to learn math in a fun and non-stressful way. That’s why I enjoy making printable puzzles like this so much, they make fun math games!

If your child needs to practice some basic counting then try these cute bug counting puzzles too.

Materials Needed For Spring Skip Counting By 5 Puzzles

Skip Counting 5 Printable Puzzles

I love using these easy number counting puzzles because they are so quick to get ready. Seriously this activity is ready in 5 minutes or less.

Cute Skip Counting By 5 Number Puzzles Free Printable

If you are in a hurry you can just print the puzzles out onto normal paper, cut them apart and get to practicing skip counting by 5’s.

Honestly, if I know we are only going to be using the puzzles for a short time this is what I do.

Skip Counting By 5 Printable For Kids

But if you want the puzzles to last longer then either print onto card stock or laminate the puzzle and then cut the pieces apart.

They really do last a lot longer this way and it only takes a few minutes to prepare.

Store the puzzle pieces in a ziplock bag or wrapped with an elastic band.

When your child needs to practice skip counting just pull out the puzzle and have fun building it together.

As your child gets better at skip counting, try mixing the 2 puzzles together, so they can work on a larger puzzle.

For extra practice, kids can trace over the numbers on the bottom of the puzzles with their finger or a dry erase marker.

** Download the Spring skip counting by 5 puzzles HERE. **

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