Free Printable Rainbow Upper and Lowercase Letter Matching Puzzles

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Looking for a fun activity to help your preschooler practice matching upper and lowercase letters? Then you’ll love these cute rainbow letter matching puzzle cards!

I’ve been busy creating lots of spring and summer themed printables to help my youngest practice her letter recognition and matching skills.

Since she loves rainbows so much I just had to make up a set of rainbow uppercase and lowercase letter matching cards!

Free Printable Rainbow Letter Match Cards

How To Make These Letter Puzzle Cards

Free Printable Letter Matching Puzzle Cards Rainbow Theme

You can just print these cards on cardstock and get to using them right away. But paper doesn’t always last very long in the hands of younger children, right?

If you’d like to keep this letter matching activity looking great for a while I really recommend laminating them!


How To Put Them Together

Cute Rainbow Upper and Lowercase Letter Matching Puzzle
  • Download and print the letter matching cards onto regular paper (use cardstock if not laminating).
  • Cut them apart and place them into your laminator pouches leaving a little space between each card.
  • Once the laminator sheets have cooled cut them apart and round the corners so they aren’t sharp.
  • Go and have fun!

Ways To Use These Rainbow Upper and Lowercase Matching Cards

Rainbow Letter Matching Puzzles

There are so many fun ways you can use these cute rainbow letter matching puzzles to help your preschooler learn to identify letters.

Start off slowly by practicing matching just a few cards together. You could use one letter card a week as part of a letter of the week unit study.

As they get better and faster about finding the matches you can start to add more cards to the mix.

Play a game of memory by laying the cards face down and turning them over one set at a time to find the matching letter.

Try hiding some of the cards around the house and give clues to find them. Hide the letter B card need some bananas, etc.

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Rainbow Letter Matching Puzzle Cards

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