Printable Easter Egg Upper and Lowercase Letter Matching Puzzles

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Need a fun Easter activity to help your preschooler practice matching upper and lowercase letters? Then you’ll love these fun Easter egg letter matching puzzles!

We love adding holiday fun into our learning and using hands-on activities.

If you do too then these Easter egg letter cards are a perfect way to add some hands-on activities to your Easter lessons.

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How To Make These Easter Egg Letter Matching Puzzles

You can simply print out the puzzle pages on paper or cardstock then cut them apart and start using them. But paper can be easily torn by little hands.

If you want to use these puzzles for a long time I really recommend laminating them or using heavy cardstock.


  • Easter egg letter matching cards PDF (download at the end)
  • Paper (or cardstock if not laminating)
  • Laminating pouches (optional)
  • Laminator (optional)
  • Scissors or paper trimmer

How To Assemble

Easter egg alphabet puzzle cards on a wooden background.

Download and print the Easter egg cards onto regular paper or use cardstock if you are not planning on laminating.

Cut them apart and place them into your laminator pouches leaving some space between each card.

When the laminator sheets have cooled cut them apart and round the corners so they aren’t sharp.

Ideas For Using These Easter Egg Upper And Lowercase Matching Cards

Upper and lowercase letter matching egg puzzles on a wooden table.

There are so many fun ways you can use these Easter egg letter matching puzzle cards with your kids.

Hide the egg puzzles around your home. Then have your kids go on an Easter egg hunt to find them. Then practice matching the letters together.

If you have young children or kids who just starting to learn to recognize letters, practice with just a few puzzle cards each day.

As they match the letters together help them to say the phonic sound.

Once they have mastered those letters add a few more puzzles to the mix.

Use the puzzle pieces to play a game of memory. Using some or all of the cards, mix them up and place them face down.

Have your kids turn over 2 cards at a time to try to find the matching letter.

If you laminated the letter puzzles you can also have your preschooler practice tracing over the letters using a dry erase marker or their finger.

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** Download the Easter egg letter matching puzzles HERE. **

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