Free Printable Christmas Counting To 10 Puzzles

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These fun Christmas counting to 10 puzzles are so cute! They are the perfect fun activity for your preschooler to practice counting skills.

I love making fun printables to help my kids practice skills during the holidays. These printable number puzzles are just perfect for that!

There are 5 different puzzles to print and solve. Each puzzle has a Christmas-themed picture with the numbers 1 to 10 overlaid.

Santa, Mrs Claus, and elf counting puzzles overlaid text says Printable Christmas Counting Puzzles.

Printable Christmas Counting 1-10 Puzzle

If you are looking for a cute, low prep activity for practicing math skills with your kids these are perfect.

This printable includes 5 different math puzzles in color and black and white.

They are:

  • Santa with a Christmas tree
  • Mrs. Claus
  • A caroler
  • Elf
  • Christmas tree and fireplace

All 5 puzzles including the color and black and white versions are in the same PDF file making it easy to select what pages you want to print.

Supplies Needed

Printer paper or cardstock

You can use either printer paper or cardstock for printing the puzzles. Printer paper won’t hold up well when the activity is being used with young children but it works great if you are going to laminate your activity.

Cardstock is a good option if you need more durable paper and don’t have a laminator.

Laminator and Laminating pouches (optional)

Laminating the puzzle pages will help them last longer and if you are planning to use the puzzles multiple times over the holidays or save them to use next year it’s a good idea to laminate the pages.

Scissors or paper trimmer

My favorite way to cut apart printables is to use a paper trimmer. This makes it easy to cut pages quickly and helps to keep the edges nice and even.

But a good pair of scissors will also work, it just takes longer to prepare the activity.

How To Prepare The Puzzles

Santa, Mrs Claus, and elf printable number puzzles on a wooden background.

These Christmas puzzles only take a few minutes to prepare.

First, get the printable PDF file at the bottom of this page.

Print the pages you want to use. They all include numbers 1 to 10 but some puzzles have more details than others so print the ones your kids will enjoy building.

I prefer to print them out onto normal printer paper.

Then laminate the pages make sure to trim the corners so they aren’t sharp. Laminating is optional but it helps to protect them from being torn and damaged so kids can enjoy playing with them over and over again.

If you don’t have a laminator then printing onto cardstock also works well. But it isn’t quite as durable as laminated pages.

Cut the puzzles into strips. You can use scissors but it’s even easier to use a paper trimmer.

To store the puzzles wrap each one in an elastic band and store them in a plastic bag so they are easy to find and don’t get mixed up.

If you are using the black and white version of the puzzles you can print them out then have your kids color the pictures. Then using child-safe scissors with supervision they can practice their cutting skills by cutting the puzzle into strips.

Boy and fireplace Christmas counting puzzles on a wooden background.

Ideas For Using The Christmas Counting To 10 Puzzles

This fun math puzzle is great for preschoolers and kindergarten-aged kids, even some toddlers will enjoy playing with it.

You can help your little one count along with the numbers on each piece if they are just learning how to count. As they get better at counting they can build the puzzle on their own.

For an extra challenge try mixing 2 puzzles together for them to sort out as they get more skilled with counting.

Free Printable Christmas Counting 1 To 10 Puzzle PDF

All the printables I make are for personal use only. This includes using them at home with your children, homeschool co-op, single classroom use, library activities, daycare, etc. Any redistribution or altering is not allowed without written permission. Please just send your friends to this page so they can download their own copies. Thank you!

Download the free Christmas number puzzles here!

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