Free Printable Bug Letter Puzzles

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These bug alphabet puzzles are so cute! If you are looking for a fun preschool activity to help kids learn their ABC’s then you’ll love these free printable bug letter puzzles.

I’ve had so many people ask if I could make some letter puzzles to match the bug counting puzzles that I just had to say yes!

These simple alphabet puzzles will help your toddlers, preschooler or kindergartener practice recognizing their letters and learning alphabetical order.

Printable Bug Letter Puzzle Toddlers Preschool

This printable puzzle set includes 2 different puzzles the adorable smiling bee and snail.

You’ll find these cute bug letter puzzles take only a few minutes to prepare!

That is so important because as much as I like creating things and getting our learning supplies ready, I would rather be DOING fun activities with my kids!

How To Prepare The Letter Puzzles

Printable Bug Letter Puzzles

Supplies Needed

Getting the puzzles ready is so easy! Really all you need to do is print the pages out onto normal printer paper, laminate each page, and cut the puzzle strips out.

I recommend laminating the puzzle pieces because it makes them last so much longer. If you don’t have a laminator then you could print them onto card stock instead but it isn’t as durable in the hands of young children.

After use, I wrap each puzzle in an elastic band and store them in a plastic bag so they are easy to find.

This also makes them easy to grab and go if you’re heading out on a trip. These simple activities are perfect to take along on trips to the cabin especially if you are expecting rainy days.

Ideas For Using These Bug Alphabet Puzzles

Free Printable Snail Letter Puzzle

If your child is just starting to learn their ABC’s then have fun sitting with them and building one puzzle at a time.

As you put each piece together point to the letter and say its name or phonic sound.

As your child gets better at putting the puzzles together on their own try mixing both letter puzzles up together to make it a little more challenging.

** Download the Bug alphabet puzzles here. **

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