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Easy to use learning style quiz to find out what learning style your child is. Knowing how kids learn helps us teach them better.

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own.

The past few years I have been very interested in learning styles. I was super excited to have the opportunity to review the StudentKeys Online Personality Style test by PeopleKeys.

Peoplekeys Personality Style Report

PeopleKeys is not a company I had heard of before so I was quite interested to find out more about them.  They have built a number of personality and learning tests based on over 25 years work.  While many of their products are intended for workplace employers to help find the best employees for the job, they also have StudantKeys a line that helps students find our about their learning styles. StudentKeys Online Personality Style test followed the same basic four behavior traits that other tests I have personally taken do.  This is called the DISC system.

  • D – Dominant
  • I – Influencing
  • S – Steady
  • C – Compliant

I decided to use the Personality Style test for my oldest daughter who is 11 years old.  We needed to create an account for this.  This process was very easy, just entering the email address that you joined with and a password.  The password allows the student to pause and restart the test if needed.

After that she was presented with a screen of questions on various topics.  I was expecting a list of “yes” and “no” questions, but was surprised to find out each question you had to select from had multiple answers and each answer you had to mark between 1 and 4 for how it fit your personality.  I actually feel this gives a better result then just simple yes and no answers.

I allowed my daughter to fill in the test on her own and only had to help her a few times.  This was normally just to explain a word that she wasn’t sure on.   Despite this being the first time she had taken this type of test she loved it and found it to be fun.

The test was suppose to take 10 to 15 minutes, however I would say it took her at least 30 minutes to complete.   It really does take time to read, understand and put each answer in order.  I tried to encourage her not to over think the answers and go with her first gut instinct!

When the test was completed, right away we were able to download a PDF report.  We also received a download link in our email.  The PDF was 17 page long and starts our explaining what the DISC personality styles are.  After the introduction section there was a one page report stating what their personality style group was.  My 11 year old was listed as a Precisionist.  This page explains what this personality style is, what motivates the, what they can bring to a team and what their greatest fears are.

The next page has a small graph showing where in each DISC category the child has fallen.  I love that this test understands people do not fit neatly into a little box.  We are all individuals and will pull from different strengths.  They do however say that the two DISC groups that you score the highest in are your dominant styles.  The Precisionist is a dominate style C personality.  Interesting though that our daughter was only a few points from style S as well.

The rest of the report goes into great detail on what eac DISC personality group is.  Also they share what their strengths and possible weaknesses are.

At the end of the report is a worksheet a child can do to help them recognize how to get along with people of other personality types.

We didn’t do the worksheet but did talk about how each person is different and how we need to be careful not to provoke people or misunderstand things.

Over all we had a lot of fun with this test and my daughter really enjoyed taking this test.  For myself as a mom it gave me more insight into how she thinks and I was amazed with how spot on it was!  This gives me a good list of things to keep in mind to help her grow and when picking out homeschool curriculum as well.


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