Garter Snake Skin Nature Study

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We often have garter snakes around our property. They just love all the rock piles near the foundations of the house!

This year we have had one living in the greenhouse and old log beside it. It has become somewhat of a pet to the kids.

The kids love to watch him sunbathe in the afternoons. A few days ago they had a big surprise, they found an intact snakeskin beside the house!

They thought that this was very cool, it was the first time they had found a shredded snakeskin. The kids were very surprised to find out how soft it was.

Close up of the garter snake skin, found by the kid's near our greenhouse.
Close up of the garter snake skin, found by the kid’s near our greenhouse.
Garter snake skin
Garter snake skin
Garter Snake Skin Close Up
Garter Snake Skin Close Up

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