Nature Study Peppered Moth

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It was a beautiful day outside, not too hot and not too cold. So needless to say we spent most of it outside! While hubby was working on his lawn tractor he called us over.

He found an interesting looking caterpillar on the lawn tractor that we’ve seen a few times before. They are a mottled brown and look a little like an inchworm. The kids had fun looking at him for a little while before putting him safely in the little dogwood tree he likely came from.

Cute Peppered Moth Caterpillar

I was curious what this little caterpillar was so when I came in later I headed to Google   A search for grey and brown stick looking caterpillar turned up a few.  It turns out our little guy is a Peppered Moth.  I’ve heard of these before but I didn’t realize that these were what the caterpillars looked like.

Brown Peppered Moth Caterpillar

The caterpillar is a twig mimic and can be in a range of colours from green to brown.

Peppered Moth Close Up

It goes into the soil later in the year and pupates over the winter.  They emerge from pupae between May and August to continue their life cycle.

Peppered Moth Caterpillar

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