My 18 Top Favourite Apps For Homeschooling

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Our family is made up of strong right brain learners.  This means we learn best with colorful, interactive games and videos.  So it shouldn’t be a surprise that we use a lot of apps to help us learn.

My 18 Top Favourite Apps For Homeschooling

I rely heavily on my online planners to keep my organized because although I love to make notes on paper I always lose them.  I’d like to blame it on the kids, but well it happened before I had children to!  So I’d like to share with you, my 4 favourite organization apps and our most used apps for literacy and geography.

Organization Apps

  • Evernote – Evernote is a wonderful free app that I’ve used for years. It’s my go-to app for planning out my homeschool information, saving inspiring articles and working out schedules. It makes a great tool for putting together portfolios of your work.
  • OneNote – OneNote is similar to Evernote but is set up to look like a traditional binder notebook. I actually like the way OneNote looks over EverNote, although I like the way EverNote works better. I use OneNote as a digital homeschool notebook for some of our children who prefer it to EverNote. Digital workbooks can be printed right into OneNote and the student can type or write directly on it.
  • iAnnotate PDF – This is my favourite PDF annotation program. I can open copies of my digital worksheets write on them with a stylus and save it. I love this for children’s math worksheets.
  • LectureNotes – LectureNotes comes in 2 versions a trial and a full version. So far I’ve only used the trial edition. It lets you build your own notebook from scratch using a variety of background papers. You can also import PDF and annotate it.

Literacy Apps

Geography Apps

What are your must have apps?

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