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The topic for today’s Back to Homeschool Blog Hop is classrooms.  In some ways, I would LOVE to have an extra room in the house to use as a school room.  I’m not sure if we would actually spend much time in it, but it would be nice to have one large room to store everything in.  Since we don’t our learning is spread throughout the house and often taken outside on the nice days.


A lot of our seat work is done in the kitchen, we simply spread everything out on the table and get to work! On one wall I have our magnetic whiteboard. This gets a LOT of use. You see math problems are just way more fun on a whiteboard with colored markers! Spelling lists are to, or so I’m told.

Under the whiteboard, we have a laminated world map. I purposely have this one at child level so they can look at it any time they like. It’s great for finding places we’ve just read about and putting up FIAR story disks.

computer area

To the left of this area is a small desk with the children’s computer. This computer is old and used to be mine. It’s hard to believe that a computer 8 years old is really old, but yes it’s slow as molasses!

It used to have Windows XP on it and since it’s low on memory, would take at least 20 minutes to start. After that, it would freeze a lot. So I put Linux on it, specifically Lubuntu and it’s now quite usable! I would still like to upgrade the memory but for basic work it’s fine.  They use this for their typing lessons, math drills, etc.

homeschool wall charts

We also have another whiteboard on the back of the hallway door, the front side has an alphabet chart. On the wall beside the table, I have some math charts.  Currently addition and multiplication.

homeschool room
homeschool room

I’m glad to finally have a little area of my own! Out in the sun porch I set up my desk that I was given a few weeks ago. I’ve taken the old hutch I used on my baking table and set it on top. I love it but the shelves are not spaced far enough apart to even stand small books upright. Eventually, I would like hubby to build me a better hutch.

The top shelf holds my Bible study books, some classic poetry and literature, and a few odds and ends.

The books lying flat on the shelves are ones we will be using soon. The stack on the desk are books I’m reading through and writing up lesson plans for. On the back of the desk behind my laptop are some science experiment books and Canadiana books.

Next to the desk is a bookshelf, on the top are most of my teacher manuals for different programs we use. The first shelf has math teacher guides, readers and the Dear Canada series. The second shelf is mostly geography books and on the bottom shelf is a few more geography books, but largely books on Native American life.

Not pictured yet, I have a tiny bookshelf opposite my desk that has Canadian history books.

I’m in the middle of moving things around in the house to try and make more room. I’ll post an update when I’m finished with all of that!

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