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We homeschool year round and although we do slow down in the summer months I like to keep practicing math over the summer.  So I was excited to try out a different math program that included courses from grade 3 to high school to use as a summer supplement.

Do your children need help with math? Try LearnBop's online math program.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own.

LearnBop for Families is an online math program that adapts to your child as they move through the program. It’s available in either a single student program or a family plan.

We’ve been using the family plan, this online subscription can be purchased monthly or yearly and can be used for up to 4 children.

LearnBop offers math levels from 3rd grade to 8th grade and high school level programs for Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry.

Online math curriculum

You can choose from 2 different math learning roadmaps.

  • Grade roadmaps – These learning courses start at the 3rd-grade level and continue through high school. When using this option your child works through grade level skills as you would expect from most math courses.
  • Subject roadmaps – These are a little different from the grade road maps because each one focuses on 1 topic at a time. These are perfect if your child struggles with a math topic or if you would like to use LearnBop with 1st and 2nd-grade children. These courses start at the 1st-grade level work on the topic you pick and continue through 8th grade.

I found the initial set up for LearnBop very easy.  When I logged into my parent account I set up an avatar for each of my children and selected their grade level.

Online math program

When my children login to their account the first time they have to take an assessment test.  This places them on a “Roadmap” that is based on their assessment results.  If you disagree with the placement level at any time you can move them up or down easily.  You also have the option to use a topic road map instead of a grade level.

When I first started to use LearnBop I set up accounts for my children ages 8, 10, 12 and 14 for their grade levels.  I had hoped that they would be able to use the program largely independently, unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

learnbop grade 1

Sample from grade 1 measurement lesson.

Our first struggle was that the math questions are very wordy and there is no option to have the question read aloud to the student.  I have some children who are dyslexic and some who just find reading a challenge.  So with the exception of my oldest I had to sit with each of them to help them read the lessons and questions.

Although my children were placed at the grade levels they were working at and took the placement test they found the questions were very confusing and really struggled with this program.

We spent the first while trying to use LearnBop as it was intended but I found it was causing more math struggles for our family then helping.  At this point, I decided to make some changes.

Grade 1 Math

Sample from grade 1 measurement lesson.

My children really enjoyed the math videos but they struggled with the lesson questions.  So what I decided to try was to use the LearnBop videos to teach or review a concept but I then made up my own questions on our white board to practice it.

This was working well for us so I decided to try something else.  Now that my children were feeling better about LearnBop I moved my younger children into the subject road map.  I still needed to sit with them to read the questions but it worked so much better for us this time!

Since my children are also hands-on learners I made sure we had a variety of manipulatives on hand so they could build the problems before entering it into the computer if needed.


Overall I think LearnBop for Families is a really good math program it just isn’t a good fit for all of our children because of their special learning needs.

One thing I really did like about LearnBop is that the videos teach more than 1 way to solve a math problem.  I think this is great because not everyone thinks the same way we can find a method that helps us to solve a problem in a way that we can understand.

If your child is a strong reader who enjoys interactive, video-based math then LearnBop might be a great fit for them.


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