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Would your kids love to learn how to play the piano? Maybe it’s the high cost of private lessons or long trips to get together with a music teacher that is holding you back. If you are looking for free online music lessons for kids Hoffman Academy is a great place to check out.

Music is very important to our family. It seems like someone is always singing or making music in some way in our home.

Over the years my children have been interested in learning to play the piano a few times.

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own.

Why Use Piano Lessons?

We own an old upright piano that I bought as a gift for my hubby years ago, and an electric keyboard. My husband is a gifted musician and loves to play, however, teaching music is another thing completely. He both plays by ear and writes his own music.

He can read music a little but really doesn’t enjoy sitting down and playing from sheet music. Whereas my girls really want to learn to understand sheet music and be able to play anything they find.

Piano lessons are very expensive and we live in a very rural area so it’s not always easy to find a good teacher or get to lessons!

I’ve tried various online music programs over the years and while we enjoyed them for a short time I found my children lost interest in the long term.

One program seemed to stand out to me Hoffman Academy. We’ve used it for years with some of our children and it’s become our favorite homeschool music curriculum.

Hoffman Academy Review – Learn To Play Piano For Free

Free Piano Lessons For Kids

Online Piano Videos

Hoffman Academy is a very easy to use online music program. Its website is simple to navigate. The lessons consist of a short instruction video that runs between 5 to 15 minutes in length.

All of the videos are completely free!

You can pause and practice and re-watch the videos as many times as you need to.

Just to the left of the video lists the main concepts that are being taught in the video and below that the lyrics to the song to be practiced.

Premium Lessons

If you would like to further your lessons you can buy downloadable kits that include music theory worksheets for each lesson, song sheets with instructions, a parents guide and mp3 music files to play along with.

The materials kits can be purchased unit by unit at $19.00 each or you can buy a bundle of units 1 to 6 at a reduced price. Each unit consists of 20 lessons.

Mr. Hoffman is well qualified to teach piano. He has a master’s degree in music and has a very easy going, calm manner with children. You can read more about Mr. Hoffman on the Hoffman Academy site.

Watching Hoffman Piano Lesson Videos

Short Lessons

My teaching philosophy is strongly influenced by the Charlotte Mason methods, so I love that the video lessons are kept short.

I’ve found in our homeschool many short but varied lessons work the best for us. It is important to follow the lessons in order because each lesson builds on the last.

Hoffman Academy music theory worksheets
Hoffman Academy music theory worksheets

Comprehensive Music Lessons

While the piano lessons are short and fun they are also very comprehensive. Mr. Hoffman aims to help children become strong musicians who can both play and understand music.

Children learn ear training, music theory, rhythm, techniques, and much more.

What We Like About Hoffman Piano Lessons

Piano Music Lessons For Kids

I love that the lessons are online and self-paced. Neither my children or I ever feel that we are behind or need to rush to get caught up for our next lesson.

We can practice at any time of the day that is convenient for our family.

As I mentioned we live in a rural area so finding quality piano lessons isn’t easy. Not to mention the cost of lessons for a large family can really add up. For our family, this is a very flexible option.

My children love that Mr. Hoffman can explain difficult ideas in a very easy to understand manner.

He often includes a funny explanation that really grabs the kid’s attention and keeps them engaged. All of this without being overly silly or foolish like many video-based music programs I’ve tried.

My 11 year old says

Mr. Hoffman talks nice and slow so I can understand it better.

My 10 year old says

I like that Mr. Hoffman teaches me how to play a real song in the first lesson!

Online piano lessons for kids are a great option when your family needs flexible options to fit into an already busy homeschool day.

Are you ready to get started? The lessons are FREE why not try them out and see if they are a good fit for your family.

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