Late Spring Nature Walk

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Last weekend the weather was just wonderful, not too cold and not too hot.  We took the opportunity to head to the park and enjoy a nature hike. It was a great day with no huge swarms of black flies or mosquitoes.

Ladys Slipper flower
Lady’s Slipper flower

One of our first finds was this beautiful Lady’s Slipper flower.

Nature Walk With My Kids

Our kids love this tree! I have so many photos of them by this over the years.

Nature Study Poplar Trees
Nature Study Poplar Trees

They rediscovered how poplar trees have a dust on their bark.

Deer On A Nature Walk

Deer grazing in the pens.

Waterfalls Nature Walk

I love the little water rapids.

Swans By A Pond Nature Walk

3 beautiful swans!

Canada Geese Swimming

Canada Geese were enjoying all the attention at the park.

Canada Goose

No bread? Ok I’ll ignore you then!

Canada Goose Close Up

I love how this Canada Goose photo turned out!

Trout Close Up

Trout in the small ponds. They raise them here then stock other local ponds with them.

Canada Geese Sitting In Flowers

I love how the geese look surrounded by the flowers.

Swan and Raccoon

If you look closely you can see a noise raccoon helping himself to the deer and bird seed!

Have you been on any nature walks lately?  What did you find?

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