Huge Savings On Homeschool Curriculum Build Your Bundle 2018

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I’m so excited to share with you my favourite homeschool sale of the year. Now, I’m not kidding when I say that.

I’ve been homeschooling for 11+ years and have a large family. I understand that as fun as homeschooling is the costs can sure add up. That’s one of the reasons I truly love the Build Your Bundle sale so much!

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I look forward to this sale because each year I buy a lot of our own homeschool curriculum and resources through this sale. I LOVE saving up to 95% off my curriculum, don’t you?

The 5th Annual Build Your Bundle Sale is the largest one yet.

 BYB Sale

Take a look what what you will find:

  • 20 individual bundles that include homeschooling (by grade levels/themes), homemaking, parenting, character building, and more.

  • Over 250 products & 128 authors/publishers.

  • Bigger bundles and lower prices.

  • Buy 2 and get 1 FREE (individual bundles and Build Your OWN Bundles – see site for details)

  • Bundles priced 86%-95% off.

  • 17 courses/memberships priced 50%-70% off retail (high school science, homeschool conventions/conferences, music courses, full curriculum, and more!).

You only have one week to save – the sale ends 5/14/18. Click here to shop now!

I have another surprise for you. This year 2 of my products are in the Build Your Bundle sale!

 Printable student planner with pretty pink butterflies

You can find my Pink Butterfly Student Planner in the Brothers and Sisters Bundle

This is a fun bundle with products for both boys & girls. Help your children learn how to get along better with the Let’s All Get Along Bible study for siblings. Teach them life skills with Skill Trek (one for boys & one for girls!)

With fun unit studies, paper dolls, cookbooks, and more – your kids will be so delighted with this bundle, priced at just $10 – 94% off! Click here to see everything that’s included in the Brothers and Sisters bundle!

 BYB Brother and Sister Bundle
 Artist study Claude Monet

Looking for a fun and easy way to do art appreciation this year? You will love my Claude Monet Picture Study & Notebooking study included in the Charlotte Mason Bundle.

It includes:

  • Step by step directions on how to start doing a family picture study.

  • Biography of Claude Monet.

  • 23 full-page Monet’s paintings.1 summary page for each painting listing its name, date of creation, and art medium, and starter questions.

  • 99 notebooking pages including lined and primary lined.

  • Resources list for books, documentaries and online videos that can extend your studies.

Some of the other products found in this bundle include:

  • The Mystery of History Volume III Audiobook & Folderbook

  • Primary Unit Program from Train up a Child Publishing (valued at $95 alone!)

  • Wayfarers: Revolution from Barefoot Meandering

  • BiblioPlan’s Early Modern: Remember the Days Audiobook

  • Writing Through Medieval History

  • Charlotte Mason Planners

  • High-quality copywork

  • A course on Shakespeare

  • And More!

The total value of the curriculum in the Charlotte Mason bundle is $348.81 but you can get it for 86% off! Click here to learn more and see everything included

 Charlotte Mason Bundle

But that’s far from everything available! There are curriculum bundles for all ages and styles of learning. Click here to find what’s right for you.

Would you rather pick & choose what YOU want to purchase?

If so, then you can Build Your OWN Bundles! I did this last year myself. Although I bought many pre-made bundles I also enjoyed creating my own bundles so I could buy just the items I really wanted.

There are 254 products priced up to $175 that you can choose from. Back by popular demand is the NO PRICE CAP bundle!

Don’t forget that if you buy 2 Build Your OWN Bundles you will get 1 for FREE!

Let me do some math for you:

  • Purchase 3 Basic Bundles of Five for just $50! That is 15 products priced $19.99 and under at a savings up to 75%
  • Purchase 3 Basic Bundles of Ten for $78! That is 30 products priced $19.99 and under at a savings up to 81%
  • Purchase 3 Premium Bundles of Five and get the best savings!
  • 15 Products with NO PRICE CAP
  • Choose from 254 products priced up to $175

Total potential value: $1,334 for just $78.00! You can save up to 94% with the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE deal when you Build Your Own Premium Bundles!

Save 50%-70% on classes & memberships – exclusively at BYB

This year you will find more courses/memberships available than ever before! You will find 3 complete high school credit classes in Science for only $39.50 each – a savings of 50%! Back this year by popular demand is the at 50% off as well.

Take a look below to see how you can learn all about working from home as a Virtual Assistant.

Have you ever wanted to attend Teach Them Diligently? Now you can! You can also get access to Homeschool Summits and the Parenting Teens Summit workshops – all for 50% off!

This year you will also find an Introductory German Course, Skill Trek Membership, a full apologetics course (1 high school credit), 3 music oriented memberships, a wardrobe course for moms (say goodbye to frumpy!), and a biblical parenting course.

I know it can sometimes feel overwhelming when you see so many things offered. But taking advantage of a sale like this can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on curriculum and home resources.

I know it sure has been a blessing to my family over the years!

To help make your planning process easier here are 2 helpful resources.

 BYO buyers guide
 shopping list

You can download a handy buyers guide that has all of the products valued under $19.99 organized by category. Using that along with this printable shopping list makes planning your curriculum order much easier!

Do you want to know my best tip to maximize your savings?

 BYB 2018 Sale

If you place your orders just right using the Buy 2, Get 1 free deal you can buy ALL the curriculum valued over $5k for just $370!

Here’s the breakdown:

1st Order

  • Charlotte Mason Bundle $49.00

  • Elementary Bundle #1 $39.00

  • Elementary Bundle #2 FREE

2nd Order

  • Elementary Bundle #3 $39.00

  • Upper Grades Bundle #1 $39.00

  • Upper Grades Bundle #2 FREE

3rd Order

  • Character Bundle $29.00

  • Early Learning Bundle #1 $29.00

  • Early Learning Bundle #2 FREE

4th Order

  • Early Learning Bundle #3 $29.00

  • Parenting Bundle $29.00

  • Fine Arts Bundle FREE

5th Order

  • Homeschool Helps Bundle #1 $19.00

  • Homeschool Helps Bundle #2 $19.00

  • Unit Studies Bundle FREE

6th Order

  • Homemaking Bundle $15.00

  • Special Needs Bundle $15.00

  • Brother & Sister Bundle FREE

7th Order

  • Mystery Bundle $10.00

  • Thematic Units Bundle $10.00

I can’t wait to get shopping today. What is your favourite product in the bundle?

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