Geography Resources and Play Passports

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This year we are using Five in a Row and Galloping the Globe to travel around the world. Right now I’m working on our travel plans aka lesson plans. I’m making a passport for each of our little travelers, and they love the idea!

 I found some beautiful free passport stamps to print and use from the Lutheran church website. They are absolutely wonderful!

They also have a downloadable newsletter called Mission Friends. Each one is about a different country and has stories, recipes, and games as well as good country stats and information. These would be a great addition to any study.

If you would like to make some play passports you can find templates at the Galloping the Globe yahoo group. I also found this website you can buy the file for only 5.00 and make your own. Or for a little more she will make you one.

I’ve been finding a lot of great geography sites. This one Geographic guide has wonderful maps and country information.

Here is another good site for continent and ocean flashcards. Your Child Learns has lots of helpful things, online atlas, maps, and puzzles. If you’re looking for free clip art Clipart ETC has lots for countries and time periods.

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