Fun Online Reading Lessons: Reading Eggs Review

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Sometimes just thinking about teaching your children how to read can seem like a very difficult task. But really it’s a fun and special time in your child’s life! Teaching your children how to read should be a joyful and fun activity.

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Fun Online Reading Lessons For Kids Reading Eggs. It has printable phonic worksheets too!

Building A Love Of Reading

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved reading. I honestly can’t remember how I learned how to read, I do remember that from a very young age every spare moment I had I was engrossed in books. When I became a mother I knew I wanted to pass this love of reading on to my children.

From the time my children were little and too young to read on their own we had read aloud time everyday.

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I just love reading aloud to my children! From fun kids books and poems to family classics. Children are able to understand stories much deeper than their reading abilities are.

But I also know that when children learn how to read it gives them their own personal relationship with books. At anytime they can take a journey to a magical land filled with adventure or learn cool facts about their favourite animals.

Fun Reading Lessons

We all learn better when lessons are given in a fun way right? Children are no different! With a houseful of children with strong right brained learning styles I lean towards curriculum that is fun, colourful and interactive.

That’s why I love Reading Eggs so much! I’ve used Reading Egg’s lessons with my older children when they were younger and they loved the fun reading lessons.

This summer I’ve been using Reading Eggs again for my 8 and 10 year olds and Reading Eggspress with my 11 year old.

After setting up their accounts I had each of them take the optional placement test.

The placement test is an easy to use quiz that asks children questions about phonics and sight words. When they get a certain number of questions wrong the test ends and they are placed at the appropriate map level.

If your child is a beginning reader you can chose to bypass the test all together and start at the very beginning.

Online Reading Games Practicing Phonics

When he started his first lesson a new phonics sound was introduced. A fun character on the screen sounds out the letter. Then the interactive games start.

At first there are some easy letter and phonic sound recognition games. The letter pops up on the screen in different places and he has to click the letter. When the letter is clicked it says the sound.

Online Reading Lessons With Games

After passing the easier games the phonic sound is mixed up with other letters on the screen and he has to work to identify the correct sound again.

Interactive Phonics Lessons

As the games progress the sound is used to build and identify words.

As he moves through the lessons he earns eggs that can be used to “buy” items to decorate his avatar and its home. They can also be used to buy game time in the game room and this is my kids favourite area.

If they want to play extra fun games they need to work on reading lessons first!

Online Lessons For Reading Comprehension, Grammar & Vocabulary

While my younger children have been having fun learning with Reading Eggs my older daughter really wanted to try Reading Eggspress.

Online Reading Lessons

Reading Eggspress is a fun online reading lessons for kids age 7 to 13. While Reading Eggs focuses on phonics and site words Reading Eggspress is for children who already know how to read and practices reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary.

What My Daughter Thinks Of Reading Eggspress

In Each lesson you get eggs that you can use to buy stuff for your home or buy trading cards, you can also use them to play games.

In the lessons I learn vocabulary, how to answer questions for tests and how to write sentences. At the end of the level you read 2 books and take a quiz. When you pass the quiz you can go into the library area and pick any books you want to read to win more eggs. It’s soooo fun!

Multi-sensory Reading Lessons

Often with online reading programs the experience is limited to only computer work but Reading Eggs is different.

  • With the online portion of the lessons kids use their hearing to listen to the phonic sounds over and over again, they hear words sounded out and hear words read quickly.

  • They use their sense of site to track letters and find the target letters in games.

  • They use their hands to click on phonics, drag letter tiles to build words, etc.

  • And of course, they are using their voice to sound out words.

In addition to the online reading lessons you can print off worksheets. These are available in 2 types full colour worksheets and black and white but they are not identical pages.

In Reading Eggs the full colour worksheets are about 2 pages long and each page has 2 activities. These are activities like letter and shape tracing and connecting shapes that sound with G to the ghost shape etc.

Printable Phonic Worksheets

The black and white worksheets are longer and more detailed. These are 6 pages long with the first page being a teaching guide.

Reading Lesson Plans:

  • Learning Objectives

  • Common Core State Standards

  • Sight Words

  • Vocabulary Words


  • Classroom Activities

  • Teaching Sequence and extra help

While these are called homeschool lesson plans in my parent dashboard I noticed that they also include activities for classrooms. These would be helpful if you’re teaching children close in age and help to reinforce their reading lessons.

I really love using a combination of the online lessons and the printed worksheets. I feel that it builds a stronger reading program when you use both as long as it fits your child’s learning styles. Most of the online reading or phonics programs I’ve used don’t include printable worksheets and for some children that makes a big difference in how much they retain from the lessons.

Reading Eggs just recently launched a new program to! A new fun learning program for toddlers aged 2 to 4.

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  • Mathseeds

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