Fun Online Bible Lessons For Children From Veritas Press – Review

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Fun online Bible studies for kids. These lessons are so much fun to do, perfect for homeschool lessons because you can add all of your children to the family plan!

Bible study curriculum for kids. VeritasBible from Veritas Press is so easy for my children to use independently. Very deep lessons with fun review build in. One of our favourite homeschool programs.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own.

Do your children learn the best with interactive lessons? Mine sure do so I was really excited to try the family subscription at from Veritas Press.

Online Bible Curriculum For Kids

We’ve been using the family subscription from  It’s an online interactive Bible program intended for children in grade 2 and up.  I love that their family subscription is a true family subscription.  Unlike some programs I’ve used before that limit family plans to 4 children you can add as many children you have in your family.

Online Bible Study

When you first log in you can choose an avatar for each of your children.  Then your child can simply click on their profile to go to their learning map.

Kids Bible Study Curriculum

The family membership includes 3 courses.

These Bible courses are:

  • Genesis to Joshua

  • Judges to Kings

  • The Gospels

There are 2 more courses listed as coming soon, although their site doesn’t give a release date.  These courses are:

  • Chronicles to Malachi and Job

  • Acts to Revelation

Each course covers 32 events from the time period you have selected.  The lessons are taught through video stories, reading, worksheets and quizzes.

I set up accounts for all of my school-aged children in grades 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8.  We decided to start from the beginning with the Genesis to Joshua course.

Bible Study Videos For Kids

The lesson starts with a short video story set in the Land of Cannan with hosts Asher and his sister Abigail.

These lessons are very in-depth Bible lessons!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen lessons in a children’s Bible program go into the depth that does.  At the same time, the lessons are a lot of fun and my children are always asking to do more.

Veritas Press lesson

Throughout the lesson, it is always reviewing lessons from the previous lessons.  This really helps children to place the answers into their long-term memory.  The reviews are done with games and quizzes.

Bible Study Quiz for Kids

Each lesson ends with a quiz that your child must pass before they can move on to the next lesson.

Using In Our Home

 Veritas Press Logo

When I first started to use I had planned to use it as an independent Bible program for my children.  This has worked really well for my older 3 children but not for my 7 and 8-year-olds. 

My younger 2 children love the Bible video lessons and games but found that the reading was too difficult for them.  In order for them to do the lessons either an older sibling or I would have to sit with them to read the questions and then help them to find the answers. 

I decided this wasn’t a good fit for them right now and I’ve had them sitting in with an older sibling just so they can watch the fun video.  They still get a lot out of the program this way without the frustration of not being able to do the lessons on their own.

For my older 3 children, has been a huge hit!  They just love the funny video lessons and the interactive questions. 

The quiz makes sure they are really absorbing the lesson material.  One of my daughters did have a little frustration figuring out a timeline question.  She kept being marked wrong and couldn’t move on until she answered the question correctly. 

I have to admit though this was a hard question!  I wasn’t able to answer it until I sat with her and watched the lesson.  I do wish that it would show the correct answer after your child has attempted to answer the question a few times.

My 14 year old says

I love that they explain everything really well.  I like that the videos are short and interesting.  I like the quizzes because they are easy, fun and I learn a lot from them.  The songs really help me to remember books of the Bible.

I’ve been really impressed with the courses from Veritas Press and I’m already looking at their history programs for my older children.

Would you like to try Check out their free trial!


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