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I’ve always felt that learning math should be fun and not dry and boring as it’s presented to often in textbooks. To help my children learn math we use a wide variety of activities from online math courses to hands-on math practice.

One thing I’ve struggled with over the years is to find math practice workbooks that teach concepts well and don’t have a lot of busy work. I’m excited to share I’ve found a fun math workbook that my son loves!

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Update: Sadly the website for Discovery Learning no longer seems to be active.

Fun math practice with colorful workbooks from Discovering Learning. Love that these can be used for independent math practice for kids!

Fun Math Practice Workbooks For Kids

Discovering Learning has fun math workbooks that work on a subscription method.

The levels available are:

  • Level 1 for age 4-6
  • Level 2 for ages 7-8
  • Level 3 for ages 8-9
  • Level 4 for ages 9-10
  • Level 5 for ages 10-12

After picking the level that’s right for your child you chose between a monthly, 5 month or 9 month subscription package.

Level 2 math workbooks from Discovering Learning

Each month you receive a package with your next workbook, scorebook and test to work with.

I’ve been using Level 2 with my 8 year old son. He’s working in the first math workbook Unit 1 as a review.

This math unit covers:

  • Ordinal numbers
  • Adding/Subtracting multiples of 10
  • Skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s
  • Even and Odd numbers
  • Adding 1 and 2 digit numbers
  • Place value ones and tens
  • Counting and writing up to 200
  • Greater than and less than
  • Scales
  • Calendars
  • Word problems

Normally he is not a fan of math workbooks or worksheets. But he’s loving using these ones!

Using Colour To Learn Math

Fun and Colorful Math Workbooks

I think the way the workbook is laid out is making a big difference for him. The pages are very colourful and each math question is inside it’s own box with a different background colour. Normally there are 2 different colours used as the question backgrounds and it alternates for each question.

This helps him focus on one question at a time. Because he’s a right brain learner colours help him to focus and remember what he’s learning.

Each lesson starts with an example. These are kept short and to the point with normally just 1 example question given. Colour is also used to help children remember the math steps. Often each place value column will be a different colour, normally red and green are used to help them not to mix up the columns.

Little tips like add the “green” (ones units) first help my son to start adding on the right side of the math question.

Discovering Learning Easy Math Practice

Video Instruction If Needed

While the math workbooks are very easy to understand, we all know there are times when it can be a struggle to explain a concept to a child.

I love that if your child is having a problem understanding a math concept taught in the workbook you can contact Discovering Learning and they will find you a video instruction to help. Hey, if they can’t find the perfect one they will MAKE their own video to help you!

Independent Student Grading

At the bottom of the math lesson there are 3 score boxes. These are to be used by the student to grade their own work.

Each math workbook comes with a score (answer) book and when your student has finished a page they use the score book to check their work. They record how many questions they got right the first time in one box.

Then they correct any mistakes on the page they’ve made and write the corrected question number in the next box. Finally they rescore their work and write the final number in the last box.

While I’m always nearby to help my son with any math questions he might have, he loves being able to grade his own math workbooks now!

My son has found the math workbooks to be fun and stress-free. We are looking forward to using more to teach and review math concepts this year.

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