Free Printable Winter Scavenger Hunt For Kids

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I love doing nature study with my kids but I have to admit I'm not a big fan of winter. Oh, yes it's pretty but the cold just isn't my thing. But I don't want to stop doing nature study in the winter! So I enjoy coming up with fun ideas to get us outside and exploring. This printable winter scavenger hunt is just perfect for this.


This free printable winter scavenger hunt is a great way to get kids outside and exploring nature. A very easy print and go nature study activity for kids. #naturestudy #freeprintable #homeschooling

Winter Nature Study Printable

This winter scavenger hunt printable focuses on nature items that are commonly found around homes during the winter. They are also fun to plan a winter nature hike at a local conservation park and see how many birds, animal tracks and other things you can find.

What Can You Find?

Nature items to find include:

  • Pinecone
  • Cloud
  • Pine branch or needles
  • Pine tree
  • Tree without leaves
  • Snow pile
  • Twig
  • Bird
  • Animal tracks
  • Icicle
  • Snow covered bush
  • Snow falling

Ideas For Using This Winter Scavenger Hunt Printable

Looking for ideas to make your winter nature study more fun? Why not make the scavenger hunt a group activity.

Come up with some simple prize ideas it could be something like:

  • Find 1-5 items and we have hot chocolate.
  • Find 6-8 times and we have hot chocolate and bake cookies.
  • Find 9-12 items and we have hot chocolate, bake cookies and watch a movie.

These are just suggestions of course pick ideas that your family will love.

Another fun idea is to bring a camera along on your winter scavenger hunt and take photos of what you find. Kids love to take photos of their treasures and if they want to later they can make drawings in their nature notebooks from the photos.

Just click the image or button below to sign up and download your free printable winter scavenger hunt.

Free printable winter scavenger hunt for kids

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