First 100 Words Playdough Mats (Fun Sight Word Practice!)

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First 100 Words Playdough Mats. Your kids will love this fun way to practice learning sight words with playdough!


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Do your kids love to play with playdough?

Mine sure do! Anytime we bring playdough into our learning time things just get so much fun. My kids are really hands on learners and whenever we can actively build something with our hands we find that we learn and retain the skill faster and better.

Printable First 100 Words Playdough Mats

Easy to use sight word playdough mat cards. Perfect for helping kids learn to read in a hands on way!

That’s why I made these sight word card playdough mats for my daughter. While I love to teach phonics, she picks up on sight words better so we’ll keep working on both.

This learning pack contains the 100 sight words from Fry First sight words list and comes in 2 versions.

The first has colored outlined letters in bright yellow, blue, red and green. But I’ve also included a black and white version too if you want to save on printing costs.

There are 33 pages of playdough mats in each. You can print them out, laminate and cut them apart to make single word playdough mats.

If your kids are younger than you may want to leave the pages whole so that they are easier to handle for little hands.

Easy to use sight word playdough mat cards. Perfect for helping kids learn to read in a hands on way!

Ideas For Using Sight Word Playdough Mats

  • Use as a hands-on method of learning sight words by building words with playdough snakes.

  • Perfect for independent learning centers.

  • Use as writing practice with dry-erase markers.

  • Paint the letters with glue and cover in colored sand. When dry they make a great textured card for tracing letters with your fingers.

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