Fine Linen and Purple A Coloring Journal For Girls Who Love Jesus – Review

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Growing up is hard I think that sometimes as parents we forget that.  Stop for a moment and think back to your teenage years.  You were going through so many changes, weren’t you?  Not a child anymore but also not quite an adult.  You’re full of emotions and sometimes often don’t understand how to deal with them.

Coloring Journal. Fine Linen & Purple is a beautiful bible study journal and colouring book for teenage girls!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own.

This is a very life forming time for our children and our heart’s desire is to help them turn to God to find answers and comfort in their daily trials.  I spend many hours talking with my children every day after all, as a homeschooling mom I’m almost always near my children.  This gives me a wonderful opportunity to be there when they have a question or just need to talk.

I do my best to share scripture with my children and pray with them, but my heart is for each of them to find their own foundation in the Lord.  It’s easy for me to just give them what I believe is the right answer but while they do still need my guidance they also need to develop their own relationship with God.

My friend Marcy Crabtree recently shared with me her new bible study journal titled Fine Linen and Purple: a coloring journal for girls who love Jesus. I was so happy to find this bible study journal it’s just what I’ve been praying for and until now I hadn’t been able to find anything like it for my daughters. I’ve already printed out copies for my 3 older girls!

Fine Linen and Purple Coloring Journal

Fine Linen and Purple is a very easy to use journal for girls.  It has 28 journal pages that each have a memory verse on the top of the page.  There is also a set of printable memory verse cards at the end of the journal.  This study is self paced so girls can do a study daily or weekly what ever fits their style better.

Fine Linen & Purple colouring page

After your daughter has read the memory verse they move on to the “ponder” section.  This asks them 2 questions about the verse they just read.  After this, there is a section called “pen”.  This is for them to write a diary entry in or prayer.

To go along with the journal page is a beautiful colouring page!  My daughters just LOVE these!  I’ve also been printing extra colouring pages for my younger children since they enjoy them so much.

You can buy Fine Linen and Purple from Marcy’s shop on Ben and Me.

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