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Do you worry about keeping your children safe online?  I’m sure you do and so do I.  When it comes to internet safety we often only think about blocking viruses and nasty sites from our children’s computers.  This is understandable because the internet is just flooded with junk sites that are not safe for children.  But what about email?  Have you ever thought of creating a child safe e-mail for your children?

I love this safe email provider for kids! We've been using it for 2 years now and I love knowing my kids have a safe and fun email. Keep your child safe online with this easy to use email program for kids. It's so easy to set up and lets you set your parent controls up as tight or relaxed as you want.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own.

My oldest daughter has had her own email address for some time and her younger siblings really wanted one too. I had been holding back on letting them have their own email address because I know just how much nasty junk mail can get through with most email providers. So I was really excited to review the child safe Annual Subscription plan from KidsEmail.org.

Safe email for kids

KidsEmail.org is a paid email service just for children and puts all the control in your hands. There are no ads on this site and I love that.  So many email services have the windows filled with ads and you just never know what is going to pop up there or what clicking on these ads by mistake will lead to.

Do you think your children spend to much time emailing?  With KidsEmail.org you can easily set time restrictions.

You can choose what days of the week your children are allowed to use their email, what time of day and even “ground” them from using it.  You can display a custom message if they try to log in when they are not supposed to be using their email.

Customize Your Child’s Email Safety Settings

I love the contact manager option.  If you setup more than one of your children with KidsEmail.org they are automatically added to each other’s email address book. Otherwise, you need to manually enter the safe email address into your children’s contact list.

When you add a new contact you have the option of adding it to only one child or to add it to your family’s global contact list so all of your children can see it.

Want to stop your children from sending emails to people, not on the safe list?  That’s very easy to do!  You can select to block the sending and receiving of emails to anyone who is not in your contact manager.

If you decide not to block your children from receiving emails from people who are not in the contact manager you can still block selective people by adding their email address to the blocked list.

In the safety settings area you can setup options for one child and then save them for only that child or update the settings for all of your children at the same time.  As a mother of many little ones, I love this time saver!

Kids email parental controls

In the safety settings I can choose to:

  • Receive mail from only the contact list
  • Send email to only the contact list
  • Allow my child to edit the contact list
  • Send myself a copy of the outgoing email
  • Allow images in incoming emails
  • Allow links in received emails
  • Allow Attachments and choose what types of attachments are allowed. You can use a simple checkbox to allow or disallow image formats, text files, music files, video etc.
  • You can choose to allow or disallow bad words in incoming emails. If set to no KidsEmail.org will filter out the most common bad words from incoming emails.
  • Add a tagline to the bottom of all emails. You can optionally add a tagline that shows the email is coming from a child to all outgoing emails.
  • Send the email sender a notification when their email is put into the mail queue.
  • Add additional parental email address that will also receive the same notifications that you do when your child sends/receives emails.
Safe Email For Kids

With KidsEmail.org you have the option to easily monitor your kid’s email.  You can select to have a copy of all emails they send forwarded to your email.  You can also have a copy of all emails they received sent to your email address.

When you set up your child’s email you can specify the safety rules you want for each account. Any email that does not pass all of these rules you can have it sent to the mail queue.  It will stay there until you have been able to check it and either approve it and allow it to go to your child’s email inbox or deny and delete it.

There is a fun option for younger children too.  When writing an email children also have a little drawing pad that is similar to an easy paint program that comes installed on most computers.

But with this children can draw a picture to send with their email without having to worry about uploading and attaching it.

This makes it so easy for young children and mine have loved emailing me their drawings!

Race car email template

Children can also customize how their email looks with many background templates to pick from.

Safe Email for Teens

This email service isn’t just for young children they also have an option for older children and teens.  When you set up your child’s email address ends in kidsemail.org teens might not like that format very much.  

You also have the option to select kids email for teens.  Choosing this changes the second half of the email to kmail.org.  Teen users will also have a different login page and a more adult look to the site layout.

Loving KidsEmail.org In Our Home

I can honestly say that we have been loving KidsEmail.org!  I set up email accounts for my children ages 8, 9 and 12. They had been asking for a long time if they could have their own email address like their older sister.

I was hesitant partly because most email companies you have to be 13 and older to use and also because I was worried about spam and other online dangers.

Now I have complete control over each of my children’s email and it’s a service that will grow with them as they move through their teen years.

Would you like to try out KidsEmail.org for free? They offer a 30-day free trial!

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