Christmas In Mexico Unit Study

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The Christmas season is one of my favourite times of the year. I especially love sharing the joy and history of Christmas with my children. We try to spend time learning about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries each year so I’m always on the look out for great homeschool resources about Christmas.

Christmas in Mexico homeschool online unit study free for a limited time. Have fun with your family this year learning how Christmas is celebrated in Mexico. |

Beth at Techie Homeschool Mom has created a Christmas Around The World Online Unit Study. This unit study takes your family on a journey through 10 countries where you learn about that country, their Christmas traditions, create fun hands-on and digital projects, and prepare an ethnic Christmas feast!

I’m really looking forward to using this unit study as our families Christmas study this year but I’m also excited to share something with you.

For a short time, you can receive a free Christmas in Mexico lesson! (offer ends 12/1 2016)

In this online homeschool study your family will

  • Learn where Mexico is Located

  • Discover the culture of Mexico

  • Learn about Mexico’s history and environment

  • Learn how Christmas is celebrated in Mexico, their customs, and traditions.

  • Make a yummy Mexican Christmas treat

Online Unit Studies are e-learning courses made for homeschoolers. They integrate multiple subjects and are a great resource for teaching children in multiple age groups. With their easy to use format, Online Unit Studies doesn’t require additional books or print resources. Just gather supplies for your hands on projects and register for online tools.

To enroll in Christmas in Mexico for free sign up below. After you have signed up you will receive an email with a link to a page where you can access your Christmas in Mexico unit study. I’m sorry this freebie has ended, but you can still get the Christmas in Mexico unit as part of the Christmas Around The World Online Unit Study!

After you’ve signed up for Christmas in Mexico, be sure to check out the Christmas Traditions Online Unit Study and discover the history of Christmas!

*By signing up to receive this free online unit study course you are giving permission to join the email list of both Homestead Acres and the Techie Homeschool Mom.

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