Top 10 Books That Help Me Be A Better Homeschool Mom

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the huge wealth of homeschooling information available? These are the best homeschool books to help you get organized and simplify your day.

Top 10 Books That Help Me Be A Better Homeschooling Mom. These are 10 amazing books no homeschool bookshelf should be without!

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We know that we are doing the right thing for our families by homeschooling, yet there is a constant flood of information from books, blogs and forums all trying to show us the newest “right” way to do things.  I know this can be very overwhelming!

Since I started homeschooling my children 10 years ago, I’ve found the most helpful homeschool books are not the latest fads.  No, instead they focus on some very simple things.  How to teach to different learning styles, how to be an effective teacher, and how to teach multiple ages/grades together.

Really it’s that simple!  Books that teach me how to best use what I have easily available to me, and adapt that to my children's learning style.

I know in this series I’ve been talking about large family homeschooling.  These books are a wonderful resource for parents of ANY size family!

The Right Side Of Normal was recommended to me a few years ago when I was sharing some of my struggles with another homeschooling mother.  She recognized the signs I was sharing from her own children.

To often we struggle to understand why our very bright children are delayed with reading, spelling, and memorizing math facts.  Many times there really isn’t anything wrong at all! 

Our public school system and most homeschooling curriculum are designed on a scope and sequence for left brain learners.  Left-brain learners often learn to read at a younger age and also learn to write and spell at the same time. 

Whereas right brain learners have the opposite learning time table.  Right brain children are drawn to the arts, music, history, science and many topics in these subjects at a young age. 

They do learn reading, spelling and math facts but not easily until they are older.  This can really cause a parent stress if you don’t realize what’s going on!

Cindy’s book The Right Side Of Normal is like a breath of fresh air for parents of “struggling” learners.

The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Daylight is another book I dearly love.  Heidi’s writing style is like sitting down with a sister or dear friend over a cup of tea to encourage each other.

This is a very easy read and well worth it!  You can read my full review.

3. Learning In Spite Of Labels by Joyce Herzog

If you are a parent of special needs children Learning In Spite Of Labels is a wonderful resource.  Joyce shares 25 teaching tips that really work.  She also really helps you to relax and get your focus back.  If you need encouragement on what direction to take teaching your child and some solid teaching tips this is a wonderful resource!

The Three R’s is a small book but it packs a lot of helpful information in there!  This book is intended for children in grades K to 3 and teaches you how to teach your child to read, write and basic arithmetic.  I love Ruth’s approach to teaching!  Her books are easy to read and understand.  They really help you to teach your children with what you have at home already.

This is very similar to Ruth’s The Three R’s book, except that it is for older children.  Ruth shows you how to teach your children in grades 4 to 8 together using REAL books.  Bring history and science to life with living books with the whole family learning together.  Make math meaningful to help it stick!

This book is about teaching in the classical learning style but, it is Christian based.  I’ve found that Teaching the Trivium is a much more relaxed classical approach than many other books in that group I’ve read.  It’s really more do able and fits our family style better.  I also love that many different teaching styles are compared to each other without bashing one style over another.

If you are interested using a Charlotte Mason style of learning this is a wonderful book to get started with!  Catherine includes many wonderful ideas that are very practical for families today.  She also includes sample schedules if you need help getting started on organizing your days.

Another book from Catherine, it’s a classic and a must have if you love the Charlotte Mason methods!  Each page is filled with helpful tips.

Pocketful of Pinecones is one of my all-time favourite nature study books!  It’s the story of a woman named Carol who lives in the 1930’s.  After reading Charlotte Mason’s writing she begins to homeschool her 2 children.  The focus of the story is how she brings nature study to life living in town.

Bible study is such an important part of my day.  I’ve always wished there were devotions just for a homeschooling mother.  So I was excited to find the Homeschool Mom’s Bible!

What are your favourite homeschooling books?