Claude Monet Art Study and Notebooking Pages

Make your family art study easy this year with this Claude Monet Art Study and Notebooking Pages set!

Easy to use Claude Monet artist study perfect for homeschool learning! This art study works great for families who love Charlotte Mason learning, but also unit studies too! Tons of Monet paintings, notebooking pages, and resources. Just print and go!

Claude Monet Art Study and Notebooking Pages

This easy to use artist and picture study for Claude Monet for kids gives you everything you need to make art appreciation easy! Beautiful and easy to print paintings, artist biography, notebooking pages and more!

This Artist Study Includes:

  • Step by step directions on how to start doing a family picture study.

  • Biography of Claude Monet.

  • 23 full-page Monet’s paintings.

  • 1 summary page for each painting listing its name, date of creation, and art medium, and starter questions.

  • 99 notebooking pages including lined and primary lined.

  • Resources list for books, documentaries and online videos that can extend your studies.

Monet’s Paintings Included Are:

  • Argenteuil

  • Banks of the Seine

  • Bazille and Camille

  • Bridge at Argenteuil on a Gray Day

  • Cliffs at Pourville

  • Interior, after Dinner

  • Jerusalem Artichoke Flowers

  • Palazzo da Mula

  • Rouen Cathedral, West Façade

  • Rouen Cathedral, West Façade, Sunlight

  • Sainte-Adresse

  • Ships Riding on the Seine at Rouen

  • Still Life with Bottle, Carafe, Bread, and Wine

  • The Artist’s Garden at Vétheuil

  • The Artist’s Garden in Argenteuil

  • The Bridge at Argenteuil

  • The Cradle

  • The Japanese Footbridge

  • The Seine at Giverny

  • The Willows

  • Waterloo Bridge, Gray Day

  • Woman Seated under the Willows

  • Woman with a Parasol

This Claude Monet study is suitable for all ages, family study, group work, and homeschooling.

The beauty of this Artist Study is that you can use it with any homeschooling method. Charlotte Mason style learners will love the easy to print art, notebooking pages and step by step picture study ideas. While unit study and project-based learners will enjoy the suggested resources to extend their learning about Monet's life, and his love of art, gardening, and cooking.

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