25 Truths ~ Ed Douglas Publications ~ Review

I love that this book is not intended to replace Bible teachings but as a way for teachers, coaches, Sunday school teachers and parents to bring Bible topics into their daily conversation.

25 Truths

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links my full disclosure can be read here.

I recently received the book 25 Truths Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us. from Ed Douglas Publications to review. I don’t normally read self help or motivational type books but I was looking forward to this one as it biblical based.

The author Ed Douglas worked in banking for thirty two years including positions of chairman and CEO.  He is the author of the book Making a Million with Only $2000: Every Young Person Can Do It and The Money marathon: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom.  If you would like to read more about Ed Douglas’ life and work he has a great about page on his website.

25 Truths started off as a simple three page list that Ed could share with his family and friends.  Later he began sharing these ideas with students he  coached on the tennis team.  One of the fathers of the students encouraged Ed Douglas to publish this as a book.   These are things that he wished he had known earlier in his life and wanted to make sure his children and grandchildren knew.  This list grew into the book he publishes today.  It focuses on core character morals and values that have been slipping in our “modern” culture.  Ed shares with you ways you can make a difference in the world, reminders in how to be compassionate to people and there is just so much more in the little gem.

25 Truths Book

This book is intended for children in grade 6 to 12.    It is 26 chapters , 150 pages long.  Yes it’s called 25 Truths but Ed gives you a great bonus chapter! Each truth in the book is one chapter with a scripture verse to go a long with it.  Each chapter is 3 to 5 pages, so it’s pretty easy reading.  There are a few paragraphs sharing personal stories, public examples and several questions you can use for family discussion or to have the student write the answers in the book.   I really liked having all of this in one book, to make it easy to share with my children and some day my grandchildren.

Some of my favourite truths from the book:

  • Watch What You Say, Do and Write

  • Be Quick to Apologize

  • Commit to Love one Person Forever

  • Take it One Step at a Time

Because this book is intended for children a little older then ours, our children are in grades 5, 3, 2, K, and PreK, I used this as a family study.  Some of the examples used I didn’t think were appropriate for our young children an example would be discussing adultery.  I wouldn’t disregard the book because of this, it’s very easy to adapt and well worth reading!  I would pre read the chapter the evening before, then summarize the idea for discussion with our children.  Some times I shared examples from the book and some times I shared things that happened in my own past, that my children could relate to.  This worked out very well for us!

I love that this book is not intended to replace Bible teachings but as a way for teachers, coaches, Sunday school teachers and parents to bring Bible topics into their daily conversation.  Each of these 25 truths can lead you into many deep discussions with your children.  Goodness it is a great book for adults also!  I would recommend this to anyone regardless of religion as it truly does focus on the heart of good behaviour, caring for other people, what it takes to be happy and making a difference in this world.