Bible Study Guide For All Ages ~ Review

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We have really enjoyed using this Bible study. It is easy to use with our entire family at the same time, yet has activities to suit each learning level.

Bible Study For All Ages

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this product for review, all opinions are 100% my own.

The Bible Study Guide For All Ages was created by Mary Baker a mother of 4 children in the late 1970’s. She was looking for a Bible curriculum for her church class and couldn’t find what she was looking for. The Bible Study Guide For All Ages is just that, a Bible study that everyone from ages 3 to adult can study together!

What we received for review

  • Beginner Level Student Pages Lessons 1-26
  • Beginner Timeline
  • Children’s Songs CD Set
  • Bible Book Summary Cards
  • Intermediate Level Student Pages Lessons 1-26

The Bible Study For All Ages is recommended for Bible classes, Sunday Schools, homeschools and family Bible study. The entire package contains 416 lessons. Depending on how often you want to complete one lesson this program could last you 4 years easily. 

Each lesson is offered at different ability levels. Beginner ages 3 to Kindergarten, Primary for 1st and 2nd grade, Intermediate for 3rd and 4th grade, Advanced for 5th and 6th grade. There is also a Teacher’s Guide that is recommended for teens and adults to use as their study.

Although there are suggested grade levels for the Beginner, Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced I think it is better to pick a level based on the child’s understanding and reading levels.

When looking at what level to use for our family we were advised that the Primary level needed a teachers guide, so for us, it would be easier to place our students who were not reading fluently on their own in the Beginners level.

Our older two children were a good fit for the Intermediate level. I found that these worked very well together!

Bible Study For Kids

The Beginner student pages start out with a Learn the Basics section.  In this, you’re asked to introduce and review the timeline and the book summary cards. Then the section Sing and Remember is listen to songs on the CD and sing along, discussion questions about what you’re studying, memorizing the books of the Bible, etc.

Then there is a section called Get Active.  This has activities to do together and some we have done and some we skipped or just discussed because some of them seem to lean towards working with a larger group of children.

We have really enjoyed the ones we have done though. An example from the first lesson is to give one child a piece of candy. Then discuss how everyone else who didn’t receive the candy felt. The point is to learn how to handle having bad feelings.  Then, of course, everyone received a little treat.

The next section is the Apply It! This builds on what was taught with the get active section. In the example of lesson 1, your discussing the bad feelings caused not receiving the gift of candy to when Jacob gave to Joseph but not his brothers.

Cartoon Bible Study For Kids

The final section is on the reverse side of the page and called Discover The Bible.  This section has a few more discussion questions and directions to colour Bible pictures.

The Intermediate pages follow the same Bible scriptures but are of course in more depth. They also start out with a Remember It section. with the same song suggestions as the Beginner level. Here there are also some fill in the blank questions.

The next section is the Memory Workout. This has between 1 and 3 tasks to work on memorizing. It can be from the Bible summary cards, a song, or the books of the Bible.

Then there is a Guess What section that shares an interesting fact about a Bible story or a related cultural story.

Then there is a Time Line section and Map section. These switch place every other lesson. I love these!  On the page, there is a mini timeline and tasks the children need to mark on it. On the lessons with map work, children need to circle or place symbols on maps to mark the answers to the questions.

The Intermediate lessons also have the Get Active and Apply It sections although these are different from the Beginner set. In general, there is more writing and deeper questions for the student to work with. They are also asked to work on a prayer list.

Bible Timeline For Kids

The reverse side of the page also has the Discover the Bible activities. In the intermediate level, there are cartoons you need to fill the correct words into the speech bubbles and drawing activities.

Christian Childrens Songs

The children’s Songs CD set contains 2 CD’s. The first one has 42 songs and the second has 48 songs! That is a lot of music to enjoy.

The songs are in acapella style and we have enjoyed them. My children though would have preferred if there was instrumental music to go along. One thing I noticed is the songs on the CD’s are not in the same order as they are used in the lesson plans. This isn’t a big deal, but it was an extra step to set up a playlist on my computer.

 Bible Story Cards For Kids

The Beginners Timeline is a set of 34 full colour 8.5 x 11 inch  printed on heavy cardstock.  These are set up really well and each card has a question to practice.

 Bible Study Cards For Kids
 Bible Story Summary Cards

My absolute favourite part of this series has to be the Bible Book Summary cards! This has 66 full colour (also available in black and white) 8.5 x 11-inch cards printed on heavy cardstock.

Each card has at least one picture on the front to help children remember the topic. On the back is a summary about that book of the Bible and questions about the main events that happened in it. We have found these are so helpful and would highly recommend the Bible Book Summary cards even if you were not using the rest of the program.

What I thought

We’ve been using the Bible Study Guide for All Ages as a family Bible study during our circle time. I really like to start our day off with prayer and studying the word of God.

We read the scriptures from our own Bible then work through each section of the student worksheets including listening to the suggested song. We go over the Bible Book Summary cards and our older children refer to these often.

As I mentioned I just love the Bible Book Summary cards!  This program is non-denominational and you can use any Bible version you like with this curriculum.

There is only one small thing so far I’ve found I didn’t like as much. This is the student pages are not a normal page size, they are closer to legal paper size.

Because of this, they can not easily be put into binders after the work is completed. Even if I could find a binder to hold them, the margins are not large enough to hole punch. In our house, if it can’t be put into a binder then it is easily lost!

I can see this format working well for a Sunday school though and this could be why the pages are designed this way.

Other than that we have really enjoyed using this Bible study.  It is easy to use with our entire family at the same time, yet has activities to suit each learning level.

Older children could also use this as an independent study easily. The pages are done in cartoon style drawings, yet the content is very serious and the information is broken down into smaller sections.

This fits with our children’s learning styles very well and doesn’t make it overwhelming.  I’m most likely going to continue using this program as our family Bible study. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a fun, easy to use Bible study for their family.


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