Answering Where Do Babies Come From? & The Miracle Of Life

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Children are so full of questions.  From the time my little ones started talking they always wanted to know the “why” and “how” behind everything.  Many of these questions are easy to answer and some need more thought on how to answer a complicated question in an age-appropriate way.  How are babies born is one of these questions.

How to answer your child when they ask “How Was I Born?”. The book Wonderfully Made is a beautiful addition to any mothers library. How I wish I had this book when my older children were little!

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“How was I born?”

“Where do babies come from?”

I’m a mother of 6 children.  My children have always been little helpers at my midwife visits when I was pregnant.  They would help measure the baby’s growth, find the heartbeat with the doppler or scope and ask many questions along the way!  This is especially true when I was pregnant with our youngest who is now just turned 2 years old.

I’ve always used baby and pregnancy books to help show our children how the baby is growing inside of me but I’ve long wished for a Christian based book for children about how babies grow in the womb. So I when I found out that Danika Cooley one of my favourite authors was publishing Wonderfully Made: God’s story of life from conception to birth I couldn’t wait to read this with my children!

Wonderfully Made: God's Story of Life from Conception to BirthWonderfully Made: God’s Story of Life from Conception to Birth

Wonderfully Made Teaching Children About Life In The Womb

Wonderfully Made: God’s Story of Life from Conception to Birth

Wonderfully Made is just what I’ve been hoping for in a children’s book about birth.  Over the past few weeks, we’ve read it many times  and my children also pick it up to read and look at on their own.

In her book Danika walks children through each week of the baby’s development inside the womb.  I love how she combines the physical facts along with Biblical scripture.

Each week children are shown how big the baby is getting and I love that the size is compared to an object a child would be familiar with.  Things like an olive, grape, pear or plum are given as examples.

Children learn how the baby’s organs are developing when the baby’s eyes open and other exciting facts along the way.  The story is told in a very gentle way as if a mother was sitting with her young child and lovingly explaining things to him.

“By the end of week Four, big changes were occurring!  You were smaller than a grain of rice, but your heart was beating.”

Each page has at least one scripture quote.  The focus of Wonderfully Made is not just to show children how their physical bodies grew but also how God knew each of them before they were created in the womb.  How much God loves each child and knows all the plans that he has for you.

Wonderfully Made

The artwork in this book is simply beautiful!  The illustrator has done an amazing job catching the soft beauty of a baby’s growth and the joy the parents are having as they wait for their child to be born.

I really love that the book doesn’t just end with the birth of a baby.  The story is taken past this point to talk about the birth of one very special baby, our Lord Jesus Christ and how he came to give us a new birth.  Wonderfully Made shares that we are all sinners who need to be reborn in Christ.  How accepting Jesus makes us part of God’s family where all of our sins have been paid for.

This book Wonderfully Made has become one of my favourite children’s books.  We have read it many times over and although it’s intended for ages 5 to 11 even my toddler loves it!

She sits with us pointing at the beautiful images on each page shouting “baby” over and over again.  She might be too young yet to understand the how she physically grew inside of me but she is not too young to understand the beauty of a growing child!

My only wish was that I had this book when my older children were little.  I can say that I will be ordering copies to  save for my little grandchildren when they come along someday!

Additional Information & Freebies

You can buy Wonderfully Made in hardback and if you’d like to have more fun with the book Danika Cooley has made some wonderful freebies! You can create a beautiful unit study using these free scripture cards and lapbook. Would you like to learn more about why Danika Cooley wrote Wonderfully Made?

 Scripture Memory Cards About Babies
 I am Wonderfully Made Lapbook

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